Thursday, October 6, 2011

T - 6 Days

Where T = twin delivery and 6 = the number of days I'll be cautiously walking around and second guessing every movement, twinge and other potential symptom of labour or baby distress.

We're scheduled for induction on Wednesday Oct 12!

At today's apt the babies still looked good so the OB would like to give them one more week inside to ensure full lung development.

That said I'm 2cm dialated and thin!! So all we need are some real contractions and we'll be off to the races... or rather the hospital.

We do have another non-stress test on Sunday just to ensure babies are still okay. So there is a checkpoint on this last home stretch, which eases my mind a bit. Also, there is no guarantee that having the babies on a given day during the week is going to go smoothly. Apparently the labour and delivery ward was mayhem today, every single room and bed taken and c-section after c-section happening.

So we'll just leave this in God's hands until Wednesday. Wednesday is a cool date: 10-12-11 or 12-10-11, however you arrange it.

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  1. All the best, Stacey, I'll be thinking of you lots!