Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rachel - Preemie

They are just now officially newborns but we've had them for 3 weeks. In some ways we can only expect newborn behaviour from them but in others, we've got 3 weeks of experience and are getting into a groove. So in these three weeks here is a snapshot of what we've learned about Rachel.

Rachel is a relaxed, go with the flow kind of girl. She has had a wide open gaze from the first second of her life, taking in all that is around her. She is very very aware of what is going on around her.

Rachel has the teeniest, tinyest mouth that she likes to purse until her lips nearly disappear. As her face gets rounder with more weight, her features seem to get more delicate. Her eyes are dark blue and her hair is dark brown.

She is Miss sociable and likes to make a LOT of noise. She grunts and groans and squeeks all through feedings and often through an entire sleep too. She often sounds like a pony or a little piglet. Rachel is going to be a talker! And so we're already attributing things to her. Her Daddy often has a 'saying from Rachel' posted on our kitchen whiteboard.

Rachel loves to stretch her arms high over her head and arch her back in a super girl pose when she's working out a burp or a poop. She has a very strong kick and likes to be able to move around....and loves to be carried and rocked! She generally sleeps and eats with her arms straight and her hands relaxed. She's also a good eater, often finishing all that is offered to her.

And we love her to bits.

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