Saturday, November 5, 2011

Samson - Preemie

Samson is our first born by one whole hour. He's had to be strong as he got the raw end of the deal in delivery and in the uterus. He had to have vacuum assist during delivery and he got less nutrients via his placenta and had sugar issues when he was born requiring an IV. He also had his sister's head against his belly for months inutero.

So perhaps it is no surprise that our Samson is a little intense. He's got a grip on him that sends a message, "I ain't no stinkin preemie!" Or perhaps more like, "I'm small but I'm mighty!"

He sounds like a billy goat when he makes noises.

Samson has light brown haired and has dimples!! Oh those dimples will break some hearts, starting with his Momma's. He often grips his hands when feeding and anything close by that gets caught will not soon be let go of. He often wears a concerned expression on his face, a little furrowed brow. In his first 2 weeks he often only peered at you through one eye as if just a little suspicious of what was going on. I call that his pirate look.

Sam likes to curl himself into a ball when sleeping and when eating and when you're trying to burp him. He often sucks on his tongue or lower lip or cheek when he sleeps. However, he is starting to relax more now and can often be seen sleeping with his arms above his head.

He's a tough customer when trying to top him up with a bottle feed. When he's done, he clamps his mouth shut like a trap. Daddy taught him to open his mouth and stick out his tongue in his second week, which has improved nursing!

Samson struggles with reflux and burping is a challenge. He generally eats less than his sister and yet he is gaining weight well. When he cries he means business, often sticking his little lip out and looking very upset, but he sleeps much more quietly than his sister.

This is what I know about my son so far.

Perhaps because of his intensity or because he seems to need more care than Rachel, I find myself bonding to him faster. Apparently this is common for parents of twins. I try not to feel guilty about it.

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  1. I love this post, especially the last paragraph -- I love the insight into being a mother of twins! Thanks for sharing.