Monday, November 21, 2011

Unbelievably Beautiful

My children are unbelievably beautiful to me. It's amazing how their faces are so utterly perfect in my eyes. I realize they may not appear that way to everyone but I don't know how others could not see their perfect beauty.

Here is a classic Samson pose. He's resisting a burp after I nursed him. Poor little guy! I can just read his thoughts "make the thumping stop!"

Me and Rachel on a sunny afternoon.

Classic Rachel pose; fast asleep and stretched out. Look at those chipmunk cheeks!

My beautiful boy all relaxed after nursing.

Me and Samson.

Sleeping Sam. Those cheeks keep getting bigger.

My two beauties.

I'm feeling better these days, feeling more confident, feeling more like myself. And life is starting to normalize a bit.

Samson and Rachel are both getting a bit bigger, and a little easier to predict. I'm not as scared about not being able to meet their needs because I've now have more experience of being able to do so.

Andrew and I have had two weekends where it's just us at home. We do nothing but care for babies and sleep. And there have been a couple times where I felt pretty anxious that a screaming Samson would never sleep. But we made it through and gained experience and were grateful for more sleep when my Mom returned to help during the week.

Samson has had 24 hours now with very little crying....that's a record. I'm hopeful that his reflux and gas pains are getting a bit better as he gets just a bit older. We was awake and happy for 2.5 hours today. YAY!!

Samson recognizes me now. I LOVE that! I love that he hears my voice and calms down. That makes me feel like the Momma more than anything else so far.


  1. Stacey, thank you so much for posting these pictures -- I know it takes some time to do, and you have so many other things to do (like sleep!), but it's lovely to see them. And you'll thank yourself for taking the time. One of my favourite things to do is read my old blog posts.

    And I'm glad to hear things are getting a bit easier.

  2. Those are certainly beautiful babies!! I'm thankful you are all starting to feel better.

  3. OMG are they ever perfect friend! Those are some beautiful babies, like really. The picture of the 2 of them together priceless. Talk soon!