Thursday, December 29, 2011

Babies VS Baby

Having twins is interesting in many ways. I won't go into the hard stuff because I've said enough about that for now. There is good stuff too.

First, there is always a baby to compare to. Whenever I worry one is too hot or something is wrong or I've done something to cause their baby acne or eczema or mis-shapen head, there is another baby to compare to and that allows me to temper my self-criticisms a bit. If one is screaming I can often look over at the other and feel some relief that it's not me being bad Mom, it's just different babies have different needs and issues.

Second, I love seeing the same developments and actions in each. Things that I may have thought so unique or individual to a single baby, I see mirrored in both and I realize it's not them, it's babies in general, which is really cool. I LOVE seeing the exact same expression or movement in a totally different face. It's beautiful.... the way they look as they struggle to wake up, how they purse their lips, how they peer at you out of one eye when tired, how they wiggle their hands in the air as they nurse, how they give tiny flickering smiles as they fall asleep.

Third, because it is impossible to do all this on my own, I'm learning to share the load and trust others with what is most precious to me. Andrew is amazing with them and I may not have given him the chances to prove this with just one. There is always a baby to hold and always someone to share my thoughts and delights with. I love being able to talk about them in detail any time of the day with my Mom during the week or my husband on weekends.

And there will be more good stuff I'm sure as time goes by.

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