Thursday, December 15, 2011

Two months old!

Wow, they are two months old. Amazing how they've changed already. I love the changes too!

Samson has become quite the reliable happy morning baby. He is quite content to talk to his mobile and then sit in the bouncy chair in the kitchen while I have breakfast. He has great faces and expressions and lots of smiles for his Mama after a feed. (Except at night. Quite reliably he's a poor miserable soul in the evenings. :( )I am getting in the habit of taking him to bed at night after feeds as he will fall a sleep reliably in my arms but not so reliably in the crib. And at 2:30am I want sleeping babies.

Rachel is quite a beauty and it's not just me who thinks so. :) She's a smily one but isn't super engaged with you directly as she's so busy looking around the room. She is generally an easy sleeper and will happily fall asleep at night when you leave her in the crib awake. Rachel waves her arms around sometimes with her hands extended twisting delicately through the air. Andrew calls it her interpretive dance. Rachel loves to fall asleep in your arms during the day.

Both Sam and Rachel love to look at their mobile and talk to it and wave their arms around. Both are getting stonger and can hold their heads up for quite a while. Both have really sweet little hand motions when they are nursing. Both can go from zero to Oh- my-God-I'm-going-to-die when they are hungry, particularly at night, particularly Samson. This can be quite disturbing!

We have had one outing with just us 3. We went to the mall to meet up with 2 other twin moms yesterday. We were quite the spectacle all 9 of us. Getting out of the house is the challenge, once out the babies are generally quite happy to sleep in the noisy, foreign environment. I intend to do this at least once a week....I just need help getting out of the house. Thank goodness my Mom is still here to help.

That's what's new here.


  1. Wow Stacey. I have so much admiration for you...admiration that you've got a two-month-old who will fall asleep happily in her crib, admiration that you're bringing Samson to sleep with you because that's what he (and you) need at the time, admiration that you got out with just the two of them on your own, admiration that you're the mother of twins AND have time to blog about it.

  2. Thanks Sue! The only way we do it is with lots of help. Most of the time I feel like a part time parent to both babies, which is very sad for me. But I'm full time busy with both so where does that leave us. We're all doing our best and it's getting easier as they babies are more engaged and we can distract them more. Sam's waking...time to walk the floor. :)