Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week by Week

We're still taking this new life one day, one week at a time. Every day is similar but not exactly the same. Here's what some of the past weeks have brought us.

Week 5: Rachel started crying real tears. That's heartbreaking to see in such a tiny one, especially in the middle of the night when you're making her wait until her brother is done breastfeeding. Rough!

Week 6: Samson made eye contact and smiled right at me in response. What a great moment!

Week 7: Rachel looked at me and smiled in response. YAY! My girl knows me too.

Week 7: Samson did a complete breastfeed feeding without needing a top up. YAY! I can feed my children.

I'm still refining my nicknames for them. I love nicknames and so far I'm using the following:
Pirate Sam, Sam-my-son, Little love
Ray-Mikay, Budda baby, Rachel belcher, Pinky, Sweet cheeks
Of course they are both: Love, cutie pie, and my perfect boy/girl....when they aren't screaming.

Both babies are gassy and the past 3 weeks have had some rough nights. This should be against the universal contract of twins. It's awful having two screaming babies in the evening that you can't settle or calm.

Very early one morning this weekend after a wakeful night as we were both crawling back into bed, hopefully for an hours sleep, Andrew said, "Don't you want to do this again with just one?!"
I said, "We totally need to have another ONE. What a freaking cakewalk that would be!"

I know it's never easy to deal with a crying baby and people with one struggle too. It's the same struggle. However, at least with one, you know their energy reserves are limited to about a 5 hours stretch and then they'll collapse in exhaustion and you'll get some sleep.

With two, it's very possible to be up all night long with one or the other. And it's not as though your patience and energy reserves are replenished when you pick up the second one after settling the first. I have no idea how anyone does this alone! But maybe they have perfect babies who don't cry and sleep well from day one. That is not our lot. Rachel is pretty easy to get to sleep and relatively a relaxed happy baby. Samson struggles a lot with gas and every night cries for quite a while.

So we take each night as it comes and spell each other off. And if I get 2 hours of sleep in a row it feels like an incredible reward.

Gotta go cat nap now.

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