Friday, January 13, 2012

12 Week Rachel - Edited

Sweet Rachel is such an independent girl. She is so happy to lie around and look at her toys and smile and bat at them with her hands or talk to her mobile. When she's done, her sounds become little shrieks and that's when she's ready to chat with you and give lots of smiles.... or is ready for a nap.
Rachel sometimes doesn't like to be held, would rather just lie quietly and do her own thing or talk to you without being held. This is a thing of beauty at bed time and during the night. You just put her down and she is usually content to fall asleep on her own or with the help of a soother. What an easy baby!
During the day Rachel likes a nice cuddle to sleep for naptimes, which we are generally very happy to offer! Diaper changes are a great time to chat with her and get lots of smiles.
Rachel's hand coordination is much better than Sam's. She is regularly finding her thumb and chewing on it for a while. It's adorable!
Rachel has some quirks too, she sometimes will not eat if you are holding her. She cries and cries, wanting the bottle but will not drink. The solution: put her in her crib for a couple minutes and then feed her there. Crazy!! I'm going to ask the Dr about this.
Rachel continues to be a beauty with her hair growing thick and dark. She is smaller than Samson and feels like she's several pounds less but we'll find out exactly at the Dr apt tomorrow.
Rachel is exactly 10lbs and quite a delicate flower. :) Her hands are tiny little things and she's getting very good at batting her toys around and particularly likes to smile at toys with faces on them.
Rachel has a funny habit of rubbing the soles of her feet together during feedings or diaper changes. It's like her toes are playing with each other. She's just started rubbing her eyes when she's tired. SO Cute! She also tends to go cross eyed when looking at things close up which can be a little freaky and sometimes very concerns from the doctor about this thank goodness.

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  1. I cannot wait to meet those beautiful babies!! Only a few weeks to go...