Friday, January 13, 2012

12 Week Samson - edited

We're at 12 weeks! In some ways I can't believe the time has passed and in others it seems like an eternity.
Samson at 12 weeks really, really, really likes to chat and be in on the action and conversation with people. When he's happy, he is SUPER happy, full of smiles and coos and SO interested in finding a way to communicate with you. He loves being held.
For some reason Sam doesn't have a lot of patience with toys and his mobile. He gets excited and then seems to get frustrated. He doesn't recognize his own hands quite yet but sometimes will notice them and be fascinated.
Sam is increasingly aware of Rachel and will gaze at her with interest in the crib.
Sam also seems to fight sleep. He gets crabby and if you don't find a way to get him to sleep quickly, he can work himself into a total state of distress. We can sometimes avoid this during the day by getting him into the swing quickly but at night it seems unavoidable.
Every single night we spend at least an hour with a screaming, fighting, exhausted Sam. It's hard to tell if there is a physical issue such as extreme gas pain or psychological issue like over-stimulation. Either way, it's brutal on Sam and on us. We will keep trying different things to find some kind of solution but if nothing else I'm hoping that it's something that he outgrows over time. Anyone have any suggestions??
Sam is exactly 11lbs and I would be remiss if I didn't include a few more details about him at this stage. He is SUCH a BOY. It's hard to explain how but he just is such a total boy, in his sounds, his physicality, his actions and expressions. He is very physical and loves to kick and hop and use his entire body to communicate or get excited about something. He's really close to rolling over too. Seems like he's not going to have fine motor skills for quite a while but he'll probably crawl first. His hands are like little boxing gloves and his chest is broad like a football player.
Sam loves music! He listens very well when you sing to him and using music to help him sleep has been an amazingly helpful discovery for Mom and Dad.
He also loves to sleep in bed with Mom and Dad, particularly in the mornings.

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