Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eye Spy

I expected to have brown eyed babies. I still may someday but so far these two still have blue eyes.
Rachel's eyes are a clear deep blue with a much lighter inner circle of dusky light blue.
Sam's eyes are a greyer blue and for weeks now I think I've seen a hint of brown or hazel sneaking into the inner circle right by the pupil.
I want to remember the time when they change. Eyes are so expressive and the colour can be so distinctive that I look forward to seeing what they will be someday.
We've had two big 'firsts' with Sam this week. He now rolls over when placed on his tummy. He was really surprised the first time he accomplished this in his crib with Mummy and Daddy watching. Also he laughs! When I was bathing him and running the washcloth across his neck he let out the most adorable huh huh huh huh huh. So sweet!
Rachel is becoming a touchy baby when it comes to feeding. This is turning quickly into a nightmare with screaming every time we offer the bottle. Unfortunately she's a terrible nurser so this is leaving us in a tough situation. The Dr had little to offer as far as suggestions. Just tough it out, it sounds behavioural rather than a physical issue. GAH! We may go crazy.

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  1. It is really neat to see the eyes change.Max eyes changed around 8 months but Zach was born with dark brown like his dad ;) I still love that I see myself in the different colours so cool... Maybe the twins will keep their blue because they were even lighther than Maxim!