Sunday, February 5, 2012


Both Samson and Rachel have been blossoming from newborn into baby over the past 3 weeks. It has been making life easier for us all.
They both hold their heads up now. So much easier to carry them around!
Samson is spitting up MUCH less. So much less that we haven't used a bib in over a week! Many days the past two weeks, he's been in the same outfit all day. We used to often go through 2 or 3 outfits with each feeding! What a relief this is.
Their behaviour is more predictable too and we are better at reading their signals. When Sam is fussy, he's tired. Otherwise he's a super happy baby. So we need to get him to sleep quick...what a relief it's been to figure this out.
They both talk a lot more now and the sounds they make are wonderful. They also listen so much you can almost believe you're having a conversation.
Both are now good at batting toys around and finding their thumbs/hands to chew on. Often they'll talk as they chew which makes for some very funny sounds.
Rachel is a bit of a night owl, happy in the evenings and goes to sleep quickly when she tires out. Samson is a morning baby, wakes up so happy he doesn't even need to eat right away.
I just wish they slept more reliably! At night they often still want to eat every 3 hours and feeding takes at least half an hour and longer if they don't fall asleep afterwards. Rachel is sooo much better about this than Samson is. Sam is a nightmare at night sometimes.
Oh how I dream of more than 3 hours of sleep in a row. Right now 2 is considered good, 3 wonderful, 4 unlikely, and 5 a distant dream. I'm promised this will happen someday. Hopefully when they start on solids we'll get longer stretches of sleep...?
Some things aren't changing and I'm glad of it. Samson still sucks his tongue when he sleeps. My Dad thinks this makes him look like Winston Churchill. ha ha ha. I think it's adorable!
Rachel is more a looker than a talker and this is very endearing, her big blue eyes and flashing smile have so much to say all on their own.
And I'm doing better as time goes on. I'm enjoying moments more, am more relaxed, less anxious and just generally feeling more like myself. That is also a major relief!
I look forward to weekends when it's just Andrew and I and the babes. This is our first weekend alone in over a month. We took them on a long walk yesterday and today Andrew took Rachel on a shopping excursion. As much as we need and appreciate the help from my Mom during the week, it's so nice to just be a family of 4. I look forward to the day when I'll be comfortable with them on my own. We're taking baby steps to get to that point but we'll get there.
Gotta run, laundry does vacuuming and sleep before Sam wakes up again.

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