Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Oh my babies! MY Babies! I'm finally enjoying them the way I imagined, dreamed of enjoying them.
We laugh every day. We play. We tickle feet and dress in cute clothes. We talk and talk and talk. I watch them sleep and I greet them with smiles when they wake up.

THIS is what I wanted. It's so nice to have arrived at this place... finally. I'm a big fan of babies. I'm not a big fan of the newborn stage!

We're slowly turning a corner with sleeping. Master Samson is more and more consistently stretching out his nighttime feeds. Although I feared it would never happen ...or only happen if he was tucked in bed next to me. Last night Sam went 7 hours and then 4 hours between feeds and spent the whole night in his crib! Wooohooo! This means better and longer sleep for Momma!

Miss Rachel seems to have her day and nighttime feeds mixed up. She will go 6 hours without eating during the day and then want to eat every 3 hours at night. We're working on this. It helps immensely that I still have my Mom here during the week. She wakes up for Rachel at night; I wake up for Samson. Until last night I had the harder job I assure you. Miss Rachel falls back asleep SOOO easily at night. Samson sometimes requires 30 minutes of crying before he finally succumbs.

Last night I finally got some spontanious giggling from Rachel. She was just in SUCH a good mood, all I had to do was laugh back and she'd giggle and giggle. SO nice to see. Samson just gives laughs away all day long, Rachel generally makes you work for them.

We still spend our days moving them from one activity to the next: playmat, bouncy chair in the kitchen, jumperoo, Mommy's arms, swing!

Samson's eyes are still grey but there is more and more brown sneaking in around the pupil every week. Rachel's eyes remain a lovely blue. Sam's head seems to get bigger every week and Rachel appears more delicate all the time. :)

Some days Sam's drooling out of control. But I'll take drool over spit ups anyday. Spit ups are still common but not nearly as common as a month ago. In fact, on the weekend he went 24 hours without a spit up!!

Yes, things are definitely getting easier.


  1. I can't wait to see some pictures - great news to hear you are having so much fun - wooo hooo.

  2. So happy to read this and hear that you've reached this place.