Saturday, March 17, 2012

Five Months!

Wow, five months is a great time for babies....and for Mommy! We've just been having too much fun to find time to post. Or maybe it's that so much is happening so fast it's hard to find time to capture it all.
At 5 months Sam is enjoying rolling over. He has not quite mastered rolling back to his back though. So eventually he gets frustrated on his tummy. However, he's commando crawling backwards so we're very entertained by it. He also LOVES jumping around in the jumperoo. He runs and then bounces in the seat. It's hilarious to watch.
Samson is very vocal. He loves to chat with you, find new noises and seems entertained by his own voice. He wakes up incredibly happy and generally is happy until he gets tired. He's also quite a Momma's boy, which I both love and need to work on. He's getting better though and is enjoying playing with our mother's helper who is now coming 3 times a week to help me out.....more on that later.
Sam still fights sleep. We finally gave up trying to put him to sleep in our arms or in the crib. Most night he falls asleep in the swing and usually only cries and fights for about 10 - 20 minutes before falling asleep. Then we turn the swing off before we head to bed. When he wakes up at 1 or 2 am for a feeding I put him back down in the crib afterwards. So be it! We'll change this whenever we need to but for now it's saving our sanity.
At 5 months Rachel is generally a smiley girl, a happy camper and enjoys laughing and talking/yelling at toys. Often she will talk herself to sleep. She is an amazing sleeper. Although she still often wants a bottle every 3 hours at night, she goes straight back to sleep with no fuss.
Her hair is about 1 inch long on top and we have fun styling it sometimes. Although they aren't the most flattering dos, we find it entertaining.
Rachel doesn't roll yet but is finding her feet very entertaining. For some reason she has sweaty, stinky feet. So daily footbaths are part of the morning routine.... as is playing funny games with her feet.
Both are now enjoying car rides, which makes getting out 1000 times easier for everyone! They are both awake for longer periods and very aware of their surroundings. So outings are great for us all.
Both babes find zerberts (raspberries?) very funny. So we have lots of laughs making disgusting noises with them and laughing and laughing. Tickles are also great times in this house. What a joy it is to make a baby laugh hysterically.

I try to get out of the house a few times a week with both babies. We either go to a friend's house or go for a walk or go to church. We do try to get to church as often as possible.

The hubby is off work this next week so we look forward to getting out as a family and trying some new things....perhaps expand my repertoire of activity.


  1. My favourite line in this post is "We'll change this whenever we need to...".

    The most helpful piece of advice my sister ever gave me was that you can always change something if/when it becomes an issue, and I think it's great that you are able to see that.

    I cannot believe they are five weeks old already! Hopefully we can get together soon.

  2. I'm so happy for you Stacey! So great to come out the other side...although I'm sure there are still good days and bad. And THANK GOODNESS you have found a way to get Sam off to sleep with less stress for all of you. You are such a smart Mama. See you soon.