Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rolling Rachel

She did it!! She rolled over! Whoo hooo! Yesterday, on what was supposed to be my first full day alone with the twins, Rachel rolled over for the first time, front to back.
In a funny twist though, Andrew happened to be home because we had a roofing guy come to put in new vents. So Andrew was working from home for the afternoon and got to see the big event as well.
It was so exciting. Particularly because our tiny girl has literally been practising this in her sleep at night! Fast asleep with one leg thrown over the other, head arched back and top arm reaching for an imaginary toy. I got to witness this while breastfeeding Sam on Sunday night. So I wasn't shocked when Rachel finally did the big roll the next day.
Since then she's been rolling a lot, which is wonderful. She may just catch up to Sam who has been rolling for a couple of months but still doesn't realize he can go back to his back whenever he wants to. So he ends up fussing on his tummy eventually.
We'll be needing those baby gates pretty soon!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

6 Month Samson

Master Samson is our clown, our gremlin, our cuddle monger, our sensitive soul.

Sam has been the first to roll over, attempt to crawl, learn to jump, chew on his toes, laugh, give kisses and cry in sympathy for his sister. He loves to smile, loves to laugh, and loves his Mamma!

Those who know us would probably agree that Andrew is a master of understatement and I'm the queen of hyperbole. If that's the case, Sam takes after me and Rachel after Andrew.

Samson lives out loud! He's very vocal, interactive, expressive and physical. He loves to flip himself over on his tummy and then holds himself up and look around and attempt to crawl. However, he can only move backwards at the moment. This get rather frustrating for him when a toy he wants is in front of him.

He's a little Houdini who can get out of his Robeez and socks within minutes of them being put on. This is due to him rubbing his heels together all the time.... I think he may be a little bow legged like his Daddy.

Sam is an enthusiastic eater, not very clean or coordinated but enthusiastic! He still struggles with reflux and still fights sleep. He likes to sleep (eventually) with a blanket or toy covering his face.... this freaks me out a bit but so far he's fine. I try to not think too much about the risks. He sleeps in the swing (not swinging) in our bedroom and usually goes 6 or 7 hours between feeds at night. This has changed our lives dramatically for the better (mine mostly).

He loves to be tickled under the chin... or anywhere. He also spends most of the day with his tongue peaking out of his mouth, like he's tasting the air. :P He can play peek-a-boo for a long long time, pulling a blanket over his own face and then pulling it off. He loves a surprise!

My favourite noise from Sam is his most common: yeay yaah yaah ya ya.

Right now Sam is not feeling quite himself, he's got diarhea and is more subdued and sleepy than usual. I fear it may be the beginning of teething! Yikes!

Our Sam is a joy to be around and we adore him.

Monday, April 16, 2012

6 Month Rachel

Miss Rachel was the first to do that classic baby pose of lifting her feet high in the air and then reaching out to grab her knees or feet. She was the first to learn to kick at toys and hold herself up while standing. She was also the first to learn to use the spinning toys and know where sound is coming from in a toy.

However, with most other things she seems content to leave the firsts to her brother.

Miss Ray generally knows what she wants and how she wants it. She does not roll over and does not attempt to crawl yet. (Sometimes she gets the top part of her body entirely over and is withing millimeters of getting her legs over and then falls back.) She is quite happy to hollar and have someone assist her when she wants to go on her tummy or be picked up. She likes her rice cereal and likes her bottles to be a perfect cool temperature....not warm and not too cold. She does not like getting dressed and would prefer to be naked all the time. She loves her baths and diaper changes.

Rachel is still our 'looker.' She quietly and seriously takes in the world around her no matter where we go. She does not smile or make noise, just contemplates everything that is going on and anyone who approaches. At home it's another matter though. Rachel has a fantastic smile that lights up her whole face and especially at night, she can talk talk talk talk talk. Her sound that melts my heart is maam mamm mamm mamam.

Her eyes are still a blue grey but we see hints of brown now. Her hair is still growing like crazy and even the bald patches are filling in.

Although she can be stingy with the laughs, she now finds some things reliably hilarious: zerberts on the feet, belly tickles, Mommy teaching consonants by repeating ba ba ba ba baby.

Rachel enjoys flying around the house in our arms, getting tossed up in the air, getting kisses on the neck and loves to sit on her Daddy's lap and hold the book while he reads a bedtime story to her.

She makes us laugh all the time. She loves to stand up and is quite the twinkle toes, dancing around on her little feet. When she's on her tummy and in a particular mood she will often bump the floor with her forehead...when this occurs on a sqeaky toy, it's priceless. She also likes to stuff toys in her mouth and hollar at them, take them out for inspection and then do it over again.

Rachel continues to be a great sleeper. She falls asleep very well....we do wish she'd stay asleep through the night but that will come in time. :)

We adore our girl.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Roaring Babe

Samson has found his roar. About two weeks ago he discovered a new sound, a growly sound in the back of his throat that he could make with his mouth closed. And soon that was all we heard from him.
This is quite funny to watch because it's usually accompanied by him tensing his arms or whole body. So he looks like a little baby wrestler flexing his bod.
However, it's also sad because he has such a sweet, soft voice and it soon became completely replaced by this growl. Just when I was about to dispair and started getting annoyed by all the growling, Sam discovered he could alter it by opening his mouth.
He now sounds like a gremlin.
I'm assuming this is a stage that it will pass and I hope to catch it on film before he moves on to other noises.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today is our anniversary.
It's been a fun, crazy, amazing, wonderful, sometimes sad and difficult 4 years. But when I look back on them it's easy to categorize the infertility struggles as sad and difficult, not our marriage.
Our marriage has been fantastic, amazing, a true gift....as is my husband.
I'm so so grateful to be on this journey with him. So glad to have him at my side for all the wonder and struggle that we face with our two little miracles.
Andrew was my rock through the hardest times after Sam and Rachel were born. He never once let me down. He held me when I cried, even if it was the middle of the night, and he reassured me when my anxiety was at it's worst and I was sure I was falling apart. He kept on loving me and taking care of us when I had nothing to give him. He offered me patience and kindess when I could give nothing back except fear and frustration and short tempered replies to anything he said.
He laughs and delights in our children and loves them as much as I do. He is truely my partner and I could not love him more.
Getting a little teary.... not much more I can say.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Better and Best

Things are getting better and better all the time. I hope this trajectory continues for a long long time.

We had such a great week with Andrew off of work that when he went back to work I was bummed out. But we've adjusted and now have a few more outing options on our list of things to do, which is wonderful. With both babes getting more and more predictable with regards to mood and sleep, it's also easier to run out and leave them for short periods with someone else...or just take one along and be confident that it will be a fun outing for them.

Case in point: I took Sam (in an ergo carrier) grocery shopping and then ran over to a bakery the other day in the rain. He was quiet and alert and happy the whole time even though it took longer than anticipated and he was overdue for a nap. He fell asleep in the car on the short ride home and had a good nap in the carseat. A month ago, he'd probably have been a crying mess or I wouldn't have even attempted the outing.

Sam seems to be working on his language skills these days. Last week he sounded like the count from sesame street, now he's stiffening his body and grunting/growling. It's like he's saying, "I'm He-Man HAAAAARRRGH." It's hilarious and he does it 100 times a day.

Rachel is coming out with new sounds too but she doesn't repeat them all day long. Although she is not rolling over, our little contortionist can really move herself around. Tonight she was left to fall asleep in the middle of her crib. I found her 10 (silent) minutes later with her bum lodged in the top corner of the crib peering through the bars at me upside down. She seemed mighty proud of herself.

We have some cute videos on you tube: (Cute being a HUGE understatement.:P)