Monday, April 16, 2012

6 Month Rachel

Miss Rachel was the first to do that classic baby pose of lifting her feet high in the air and then reaching out to grab her knees or feet. She was the first to learn to kick at toys and hold herself up while standing. She was also the first to learn to use the spinning toys and know where sound is coming from in a toy.

However, with most other things she seems content to leave the firsts to her brother.

Miss Ray generally knows what she wants and how she wants it. She does not roll over and does not attempt to crawl yet. (Sometimes she gets the top part of her body entirely over and is withing millimeters of getting her legs over and then falls back.) She is quite happy to hollar and have someone assist her when she wants to go on her tummy or be picked up. She likes her rice cereal and likes her bottles to be a perfect cool temperature....not warm and not too cold. She does not like getting dressed and would prefer to be naked all the time. She loves her baths and diaper changes.

Rachel is still our 'looker.' She quietly and seriously takes in the world around her no matter where we go. She does not smile or make noise, just contemplates everything that is going on and anyone who approaches. At home it's another matter though. Rachel has a fantastic smile that lights up her whole face and especially at night, she can talk talk talk talk talk. Her sound that melts my heart is maam mamm mamm mamam.

Her eyes are still a blue grey but we see hints of brown now. Her hair is still growing like crazy and even the bald patches are filling in.

Although she can be stingy with the laughs, she now finds some things reliably hilarious: zerberts on the feet, belly tickles, Mommy teaching consonants by repeating ba ba ba ba baby.

Rachel enjoys flying around the house in our arms, getting tossed up in the air, getting kisses on the neck and loves to sit on her Daddy's lap and hold the book while he reads a bedtime story to her.

She makes us laugh all the time. She loves to stand up and is quite the twinkle toes, dancing around on her little feet. When she's on her tummy and in a particular mood she will often bump the floor with her forehead...when this occurs on a sqeaky toy, it's priceless. She also likes to stuff toys in her mouth and hollar at them, take them out for inspection and then do it over again.

Rachel continues to be a great sleeper. She falls asleep very well....we do wish she'd stay asleep through the night but that will come in time. :)

We adore our girl.

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