Wednesday, April 18, 2012

6 Month Samson

Master Samson is our clown, our gremlin, our cuddle monger, our sensitive soul.

Sam has been the first to roll over, attempt to crawl, learn to jump, chew on his toes, laugh, give kisses and cry in sympathy for his sister. He loves to smile, loves to laugh, and loves his Mamma!

Those who know us would probably agree that Andrew is a master of understatement and I'm the queen of hyperbole. If that's the case, Sam takes after me and Rachel after Andrew.

Samson lives out loud! He's very vocal, interactive, expressive and physical. He loves to flip himself over on his tummy and then holds himself up and look around and attempt to crawl. However, he can only move backwards at the moment. This get rather frustrating for him when a toy he wants is in front of him.

He's a little Houdini who can get out of his Robeez and socks within minutes of them being put on. This is due to him rubbing his heels together all the time.... I think he may be a little bow legged like his Daddy.

Sam is an enthusiastic eater, not very clean or coordinated but enthusiastic! He still struggles with reflux and still fights sleep. He likes to sleep (eventually) with a blanket or toy covering his face.... this freaks me out a bit but so far he's fine. I try to not think too much about the risks. He sleeps in the swing (not swinging) in our bedroom and usually goes 6 or 7 hours between feeds at night. This has changed our lives dramatically for the better (mine mostly).

He loves to be tickled under the chin... or anywhere. He also spends most of the day with his tongue peaking out of his mouth, like he's tasting the air. :P He can play peek-a-boo for a long long time, pulling a blanket over his own face and then pulling it off. He loves a surprise!

My favourite noise from Sam is his most common: yeay yaah yaah ya ya.

Right now Sam is not feeling quite himself, he's got diarhea and is more subdued and sleepy than usual. I fear it may be the beginning of teething! Yikes!

Our Sam is a joy to be around and we adore him.

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  1. Nice to get the update Stacey - they both sound wonderful.
    PS - totally love the blog make over!!!!