Thursday, April 5, 2012


Today is our anniversary.
It's been a fun, crazy, amazing, wonderful, sometimes sad and difficult 4 years. But when I look back on them it's easy to categorize the infertility struggles as sad and difficult, not our marriage.
Our marriage has been fantastic, amazing, a true is my husband.
I'm so so grateful to be on this journey with him. So glad to have him at my side for all the wonder and struggle that we face with our two little miracles.
Andrew was my rock through the hardest times after Sam and Rachel were born. He never once let me down. He held me when I cried, even if it was the middle of the night, and he reassured me when my anxiety was at it's worst and I was sure I was falling apart. He kept on loving me and taking care of us when I had nothing to give him. He offered me patience and kindess when I could give nothing back except fear and frustration and short tempered replies to anything he said.
He laughs and delights in our children and loves them as much as I do. He is truely my partner and I could not love him more.
Getting a little teary.... not much more I can say.

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