Monday, April 2, 2012

Better and Best

Things are getting better and better all the time. I hope this trajectory continues for a long long time.

We had such a great week with Andrew off of work that when he went back to work I was bummed out. But we've adjusted and now have a few more outing options on our list of things to do, which is wonderful. With both babes getting more and more predictable with regards to mood and sleep, it's also easier to run out and leave them for short periods with someone else...or just take one along and be confident that it will be a fun outing for them.

Case in point: I took Sam (in an ergo carrier) grocery shopping and then ran over to a bakery the other day in the rain. He was quiet and alert and happy the whole time even though it took longer than anticipated and he was overdue for a nap. He fell asleep in the car on the short ride home and had a good nap in the carseat. A month ago, he'd probably have been a crying mess or I wouldn't have even attempted the outing.

Sam seems to be working on his language skills these days. Last week he sounded like the count from sesame street, now he's stiffening his body and grunting/growling. It's like he's saying, "I'm He-Man HAAAAARRRGH." It's hilarious and he does it 100 times a day.

Rachel is coming out with new sounds too but she doesn't repeat them all day long. Although she is not rolling over, our little contortionist can really move herself around. Tonight she was left to fall asleep in the middle of her crib. I found her 10 (silent) minutes later with her bum lodged in the top corner of the crib peering through the bars at me upside down. She seemed mighty proud of herself.

We have some cute videos on you tube: (Cute being a HUGE understatement.:P)

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