Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rolling Rachel

She did it!! She rolled over! Whoo hooo! Yesterday, on what was supposed to be my first full day alone with the twins, Rachel rolled over for the first time, front to back.
In a funny twist though, Andrew happened to be home because we had a roofing guy come to put in new vents. So Andrew was working from home for the afternoon and got to see the big event as well.
It was so exciting. Particularly because our tiny girl has literally been practising this in her sleep at night! Fast asleep with one leg thrown over the other, head arched back and top arm reaching for an imaginary toy. I got to witness this while breastfeeding Sam on Sunday night. So I wasn't shocked when Rachel finally did the big roll the next day.
Since then she's been rolling a lot, which is wonderful. She may just catch up to Sam who has been rolling for a couple of months but still doesn't realize he can go back to his back whenever he wants to. So he ends up fussing on his tummy eventually.
We'll be needing those baby gates pretty soon!

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