Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Sam and Rachel are definitely picking up momentum in their development. Rachel now officially sits on her own. (Sam still topples over backwards pretty quickly.) Rachel also whistles....okay not deliberately but she has a habit of pursing her lips really tightly, which she's done since birth. When you add in breathing quickly due to excitement of some kind or another, you occasionally get a true whistle. I love it!
Sam is up on his knees rocking back and forth and is so close to crawling we hold our breath each time he does it. It's funny that he can't sit but he sure can get around on his belly.
Both babes are now sleeping on their tummies. Both are eating solid foods....some days better than others. Both are resisting diaper changes..... specifically, they resist getting the new one put on. grrrrr Both are going longer stretches at night without food.
Both can wriggle out of the bumbo seats and don't react when they hit the floor. That's what I need - good fallers! :)
Both now resist falling asleep if they are interested in what is going on around them. On Monday we went to a BBQ for Infertility Awareness and they were wide awake and well behaved for the whole thing in spite of being  1.5 and 2 hours overdue for naps.
Both are practising their volume control. Sometimes they really startle each other when one of them lets out a sudden yell or shreek.
Being at the BBQ was great. We had a great chance to show off Sam and Rachel and also thank all the nurses and Dr Hudson for all they did for us. We are thrilled to be where we are today.

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  1. Super awesome Tracey! They are growing up SO fast by the sounds of it. We HAVE to get together soon! So happy for you and your family ;)