Thursday, May 3, 2012


It was time. Past time.
He was ready. We were ready.
Ready to transition Sam from swing to crib.

For 2 months Sam has slept in the swing. For naps I put him in, gave him his puppy blanket, started the music and the swing and left him there, swinging, till he woke up. Sometimes this involved him crying for a while before falling asleep but never for long.
Bedtime was a little different. We did a bath, put him in his sleepsack, then we nursed. If he fell asleep nursing, I transferred him to the swing, started the white noise, gave him his puppy and left. If he woke up or didn't fall asleep, I would do the same but start the music and the swing and leave him swinging until he fell sleep. Sometimes this involved him crying for quite a while before falling asleep. If he was really unhappy and just not falling asleep Daddy would go in and sit with him until he calmed and then he'd fall asleep.

So after 2 months of this, we were pretty sure he had some coping skills and we were ready to transition him to the crib. This meant some big changes though because we knew he'd seriously disturb Rachel if they were in the same room.

SO, the big shift occurred on Sunday. Rachel's crib moved to the spare room, where she will sleep, and the swing moved into the nursery. Sunday night we did the usual bedtime routine, everything was the same, except for the swinging. He still had his sleepsack, his puppy, his swing music, his white noise and his Daddy comforting him.

And he cried and cried and cried. He cried for an hour. And then he slept.

He woke up 5 times that night and each time I went in and comforted him or nursed him. Each time I put him back in the crib to sleep. Twice he cried himself to sleep when I left him but it was never more than 10 minutes.

We have continued this all week and it's going better and better. Now he wakes up twice a night (as per usual) and that is totally fine with me.

I consider this a wild success!  It's hard when he cries but I know, and he knows, he's just fine.

I LOVE that they are getting older. :)

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