Wednesday, June 13, 2012

8 Month Sam

Today Sam is 8 months old.
Firsts happen almost daily.... so I'm going to try to capture some of them this month as they occur.
Today he deliberately played fetch with me for the first time. Meaning I fetched what he threw down (a cloth), again and again and again. Perhaps I encouraged this by putting it on his head each time I picked it up, which he found quite funny.
He drank from a sippy cup for the first time today too. It only took a minute for him to figure it out and start sucking to drink the water.
I do adore my boy. Here are some recent pictures.
I know what you're thinking. Everything in this picture is too cute to be real. But I assure you two of them are real live creatures.
 Gnawing on his sister's soother.
 Sam woke up from his nap with a wicked hand print on his face today. It looked painful it was so dark but also funny. So I had to take a pic:
Love you Sam!!!

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