Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Book

This blog has basically become the twins baby book. And I'm nowhere close to writing enough to satisfy my desire to hold onto the special moments. So many little things happen daily and they pile up so fast I don't get a chance to write them all down. So I procrastinate until I have time to write it all down and more and more time passes and those little things get forgotten.... lost in time. This makes me a little sad but also determined to continue enjoying each day as it comes.
So here's a little summary of where we're all at.
Both babes sit very well now. Sam followed within a week of Rachel.
Rachel now sleeps on her tummy, rolling over even for her naps. I miss seeing her sleep on her back with her little hands tucked behind her head.
Sam is now making (very slow but determined) forward momentum when crawling. And he's nearly able to sit back up from crawling. This new freedom is resulting in more interaction with Rachel.... toy stealing has begun. Luckily the only real issue Rachel has is when Sam takes her soother. Funnily enough even if he just finds a soother on the floor and start chewing on it, Rachel takes offence. Her bottom lip goes out and she lets out a seriously offended cry, pauses to see if he's still got it and cries again. It's quite funny actually.
Both are over the initial gagging when eating food with texture to it. Although there are no teeth yet for either of them, we now have oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast in the morning. Sadly, eating solid foods has now made Sam quite disinterested in breastfeeding. I'm not sure what to do about this except try to breastfeed first before offering solid foods. I still pump once or twice a day to ensure Rachel gets at least one bottle of breast milk every day. I want to continue breast feeding but I'm still not sure if I want to go a full year. It's just so much less expensive than formula and it's better for them. I want them to have the benefits... I will probably just continue to play this by ear as I've been doing for the past 4 months. I'm actually rather stunned that I've lasted this long.

Some moments cannot possibly be captured in words or on film. They are just little pieces of magic that take my breath away and have to be remembered:
- Rachel laughing at Sam in the nursery after feeding, him laughing back, triggering her to laugh and it goes back and forth again and again and again.
- Sam chewing on the orange kangaroo on the jumperoo as I helped him stand and Rachel's face turning to pure delight but not really smiling.
- Rachel's new high high pitched little squeal when she's happily playing or just lying on the floor.
- Sam's loud roar and delight in the noise he can make and him smiling ALL the time! Even when Rachel cries because he's being too loud. ha ha ha
- How Sam now clamps his legs around your waist when you pick him up. He's such a baby monkey suddenly, all over the place, constant movement.
- Sam grabbing my face, hair, shoulder, whatever he can and giving great big sloppy kisses.
- Both babes wrestling with the large stuffed bunny and chick. They are as big or bigger than the babes are but they
- Playing peek-a-boo with Rachel in her crib, popping up from below and seeing her smile, anticipating your surprise.

These are good days.

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