Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Helping Hands

We've been blessed to have amazing help along this journey with the twins. For the first 5.5 months my Mom lived with us during the week and went home most weekends to recuperate. 
Then she shortened her helping weeks to 3.5 days to have more time to recover and let us slowly get used to other help and being more independent. That other help was a young university student who has been awesome help for 2 or 3 afternoons a week for the past 3 months. She's helped with Sam and Rachel as well as done housework a couple of hours each week. 
This has freed me to go out with one babe and socialize or, lately, go out alone and get things done like grocery shop or running around town. 
However, she's going back home to Ontario for July and August and that means I'll be on my own every day  all week long.
This isn't scary for me the way it once was. Sam and Rachel are better at being entertained by themselves and waiting for me to do whatever needs doing. But I'm really going to miss the break it afforded me and the help with the house. It's been wonderful knowing the house is relatively clean each week.
Knowing my 'time off' is limited also has me thinking about all the little jobs I was hoping to get done while on mat leave..... sigh, I just don't know if I can fit them all into the next couple of weeks. Or if I even want to try. 
Will think about it. And maybe start with a list. :) I love my lists!

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