Saturday, June 16, 2012


One thing I really aspired to as a Mom was to make my own baby food. It's something that isn't hard to do and it's less expensive than buying baby food. I wanted that domestic aspect and looked forward to feeding a baby, seeing all the mess they could make, have feeding be a fun time.
The reality with two babies though is everything is a little harder and takes more time and more clean up is required.
Making your own baby food is time consuming. And it's hard to get a large variety of foods in the freezer stockpile when two babies are eating it.
We're two months into solid foods and I'm proud that they have a pretty good variety of veggies in their diet. However, I'm struggling with protein and a large variety of fruits. I'm also struggling with quantities and get frustrated if they won't eat something and I have to throw most of it out when it takes so much effort to get everything, including them, to the table at the right time.
So, as with every twin thing, I asked my friend with twins what she does. And she looked at me in shock, "Oh Stacey, you're trying to make their baby food?!?"
Now this is a woman who is very do-it-yourself. She's a strong supporter of breastfeeding, an advocate for natural everything, low environmental impact, etc. She even describes herself as a bit of a hippy.
But she buys baby food for her twins and knowing that somehow allowed me to give myself permission to do the same.
I'm not saying I'm buying apple sauce in tiny jars. However, today we went out to superstore and I bought a cupboard full of jars of mixed foods.....foods that I wouldn't easily be able to make myself or would be time consuming to do in bulk. Pear and black currant, apples and strawberries, apricot and mixed fruit, veggie and beef, veggie and turkey. That kind of thing.
I am committed to continuing to do the items that we eat often ourselves: butternut squash, yam, carrots, peas, avocado, spinach, banana, apple, blueberry, chicken, egg. That kind of thing. But I want the babies to get a big variety of foods and I don't want to have to make it all in bulk in the next 4 months. It's just too much work.
I'm very pleased with this new change and look forward to feeding them more in the next few weeks.
Both of them quite enjoyed the outing to the store too. :)

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