Thursday, June 28, 2012

Water Play

Although Sam appears to be the one with the outgoing personality, Rachel appears to be the one who embraces new experiences.
Yesterday was my sitter's last day. We'll all miss her a great deal and hope to see her in the fall when she's back at school. It was a gorgeous day so I decided we should take them to the waterpark. We had a great time but it was fascinating to see how differently the twins handled the new experience.
Case in point: The Swing!
Rachel went first and was almost too busy watching other kids to really be aware that she was swinging in the air all by herself. (Just like the first time on the weekend with Daddy.) She did have a faint smile and her arms stiffened and shook a little as she learned to trust the swing would hold her. Then she happily, calmly swayed in the air while we tried to get a bigger response.
Sam on the other hand made it immediately clear he was not interested in this AT ALL. The first time he was fearful from the start of being put in and cried as soon as the swing moved without my hands on him. The second time he cried from the moment I put him in even though my hands were still wrapped around him while I moved him back and forth. Needless to say, this ended very quickly.
Case in point: The Water
To slowly introduce them to the concept we walked to the edge of the water park where the water was pooling slightly on the ground and held them so they were standing in the water. The water was cold but only a couple millimeters deep.
Rachel shivered and looked fascinated at her feet and made a lot of cute faces.
Sam complained and turned to crawl back up my body. Again he made it very clear he was not interested.
So the sitter took Sam back to the blankets to sit in the shade and watch the big kids play, which he was happy to do. I took Rachel and walked around the water park some more giving her the chance to feel the spray on her legs and arms and even putting her feet in one of the streams of water. She clearly enjoyed it, kicking her legs and breathing rapidly, eyes wide, hands reaching, body shivering with tension. It was such fun to watch her and see her responses.
Both of them loved watching all the kids play and run around. The highlight for Sam though was a puppy that came to say hello, a little boston terrier. Sam watched with total fascination and laughed at every unexpected move the dog made. I thought he was going to crawl out of his skin when the dog came and licked his hand.
It was a great day outside overall. We actually went for a walk later in the afternoon too. All this outdoor activity ended with Rachel's best night sleep ever! 7 hours straight from 11:30 - 6:30! Woohooo!!
Sam on the otherhand was up every 2.5 hours.

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