Monday, July 23, 2012

Sleep training...updated, again

Sleep training.... because nothing else we do does any good.

Night 1 = 1hr 45 minutes of crying.
The first 30 minutes I was sure this was the right thing. The second half hour I talked myself through and received my husbands assurances. The last 45 minutes I needed his arms to hold me tight to ensure I didn't go in there and cave.

Night 2 = 1hr 30 minutes of crying.
I listened to music and blogged and tried to ignore it.

Night 3 = 1hr 15 minutes of crying.
Daddy put him down later than usual and he slept through the night. Mommy left the house for the evening. He slept through the night till 6am!

Night 4 = 1hr 15 minutes of crying.
It's a blur. We cleaned and prepped for the next day and ran the dishwasher to drown out the noise ... of the crying and of my heart breaking.

Night 5 = 25 minutes of crying... and it was decidedly less anxious, less angry crying.
We're making progress!!!!
Oooor maybe not. He woke up 45 minutes later and proceeded to cry for another hour and a half! Then slept till morning.

Night 6 = 25 minutes of crying, woke up 45 minutes later and cried for another 25 minutes. Then slept till morning.

Night 7 = 20 minutes of crying and I feel a little better about this choice. I know he'll wake up in a short while but I also believe he'll put himself back to sleep in less than an hour.
Wish us all strength and hope we're through the worst of it.

Well knock  me down with a feather. He didn't wake up till morning on night 7!!

Night 8 = 5 minutes of crying.....aaaand that was it!
The hubby actually went in to check to make sure he was ok. He was ASLEEP!!! He woke at 11, I nursed him to sleep and he slept till morning.

Night 9 = 35 seconds of crying and now all is quet.

I hesitate to say it but this appears to have actually worked!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Movers and Shakers

Rachel is officially crawling! She's still awkward but she's definitely crawling forward and she's determined to get to things. She also still stands on her head frequently. Crazy girl.
Ooooh boy next week is going to present a whole new set of challenges as I try to keep track of two little movers and shakers.
In other news, today we went to a berry festival and had a good time with some twin friends of ours. Sam surprised us all by falling asleep without a peep in the BOB while listening to a local, loud classic rock band. (This may end up being a new sleep assist method if things don't keep improving.)
We also got very lost in a cedar maze that was way more challenging than we thought it would be. :)
My birthday is next week. I'll be 35. I feel too young to be 35. Aren't 35 year olds all grown up? Don't they have all the answers?
I'm having too much fun with babies to be all grown up. In fact I feel younger than I did a couple of years ago. I blow raspberries every day. I sing silly songs many, many times a day. I pretend to eat little feet and growl as I munch on baby bellies every day. I roll around the floor and wrestle and make animal sounds and talk in funny voices every day. I clap my hands and I dance with a tiny partner every day.
Thank God for children!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

9 Months

Samson and Rachel are 9 months old! They seem so big and independent sometimes. And so small and innocent at the same time. It's impossible to remember everything they do that I'd like to share. Unless I blog everyday and really that's just not going to happen. So here are some highlights as of today:
Rachel has a new smile. It's priceless. She used to give us a big wide open mouth smile that looked like a capital D turned sideways. Now she gives us a closed mouth version that is a perfect straight line. It comes with squinting twinkling eyes and super cute cheeks. These are more and more frequent.
Rachel is working hard on crawling and for some reason seems to think that standing on her head is easier than holding herself up on her arms. So many times a day she's on her feet and her head and both arms are underneath her playing with a toy. Hilarious! However, I do have hope that in a few weeks she'll have forward momentum on hands and feet. Today she made a very ungainly forward crawl to reach a cheerio. Success was oaty goodness.
Sam ... oooh Sam. Last night he slept through the night - 9 - 6. It was amazing!! However, as I type I'm trying to not hear his crying because we have bit the bullet and are sleep training. The evening, falling-asleep-part is truly brutal on all of us. This is night 4 and I hope the time starts to decrease from the usual 1 hour 45 minutes. Going in to 'sooth,'  or 'comfort' or whatever just makes him scream harder. It's horrible. But I believe it will only get harder if we wait and the solution of breastfeeding him to sleep is no longer working.
However, Sam continues to be a really happy boy when he's not tired. He is playing more independently all the time. But every 15 or 20 minutes he'll make his way over to wherever I am for a Mommy break. He doesn't seem to care if it's a hug or a bounce as long as it's physical contact with me.
Sam says, "mumm mum mmumm" all the time now. He may be starting to really understand that I'm Mum Mum. This is adorable, particularly when he does it as he crawls to find me.
Both Sam and Rachel really know their names. They also know the bath songs and the going to bed book.
I'm carrying them both around the house a lot throughout the day. They both cry when I leave the room so we all trek from the living room to the nursery many, many times a day. My knees are killing me.

There is soo much more, so much that I just can't capture in words... how wonderful they are. :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cure = Pool time

3:20 = one crying fussy baby
3:30 = two crying fussy babies
3:35 = Mommy trying to feed one, soothe the other
3:40 = Mommy gives up, leaves two crying babies on the floor while she throws some water in the kiddie pool on the deck
3:45 = two shrieking wriggling, laughing babies splash around in the water, beside themselves with joy

That was a worthwhile $13 purchase!!