Thursday, July 19, 2012

9 Months

Samson and Rachel are 9 months old! They seem so big and independent sometimes. And so small and innocent at the same time. It's impossible to remember everything they do that I'd like to share. Unless I blog everyday and really that's just not going to happen. So here are some highlights as of today:
Rachel has a new smile. It's priceless. She used to give us a big wide open mouth smile that looked like a capital D turned sideways. Now she gives us a closed mouth version that is a perfect straight line. It comes with squinting twinkling eyes and super cute cheeks. These are more and more frequent.
Rachel is working hard on crawling and for some reason seems to think that standing on her head is easier than holding herself up on her arms. So many times a day she's on her feet and her head and both arms are underneath her playing with a toy. Hilarious! However, I do have hope that in a few weeks she'll have forward momentum on hands and feet. Today she made a very ungainly forward crawl to reach a cheerio. Success was oaty goodness.
Sam ... oooh Sam. Last night he slept through the night - 9 - 6. It was amazing!! However, as I type I'm trying to not hear his crying because we have bit the bullet and are sleep training. The evening, falling-asleep-part is truly brutal on all of us. This is night 4 and I hope the time starts to decrease from the usual 1 hour 45 minutes. Going in to 'sooth,'  or 'comfort' or whatever just makes him scream harder. It's horrible. But I believe it will only get harder if we wait and the solution of breastfeeding him to sleep is no longer working.
However, Sam continues to be a really happy boy when he's not tired. He is playing more independently all the time. But every 15 or 20 minutes he'll make his way over to wherever I am for a Mommy break. He doesn't seem to care if it's a hug or a bounce as long as it's physical contact with me.
Sam says, "mumm mum mmumm" all the time now. He may be starting to really understand that I'm Mum Mum. This is adorable, particularly when he does it as he crawls to find me.
Both Sam and Rachel really know their names. They also know the bath songs and the going to bed book.
I'm carrying them both around the house a lot throughout the day. They both cry when I leave the room so we all trek from the living room to the nursery many, many times a day. My knees are killing me.

There is soo much more, so much that I just can't capture in words... how wonderful they are. :)

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