Saturday, July 21, 2012

Movers and Shakers

Rachel is officially crawling! She's still awkward but she's definitely crawling forward and she's determined to get to things. She also still stands on her head frequently. Crazy girl.
Ooooh boy next week is going to present a whole new set of challenges as I try to keep track of two little movers and shakers.
In other news, today we went to a berry festival and had a good time with some twin friends of ours. Sam surprised us all by falling asleep without a peep in the BOB while listening to a local, loud classic rock band. (This may end up being a new sleep assist method if things don't keep improving.)
We also got very lost in a cedar maze that was way more challenging than we thought it would be. :)
My birthday is next week. I'll be 35. I feel too young to be 35. Aren't 35 year olds all grown up? Don't they have all the answers?
I'm having too much fun with babies to be all grown up. In fact I feel younger than I did a couple of years ago. I blow raspberries every day. I sing silly songs many, many times a day. I pretend to eat little feet and growl as I munch on baby bellies every day. I roll around the floor and wrestle and make animal sounds and talk in funny voices every day. I clap my hands and I dance with a tiny partner every day.
Thank God for children!

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