Monday, July 23, 2012

Sleep training...updated, again

Sleep training.... because nothing else we do does any good.

Night 1 = 1hr 45 minutes of crying.
The first 30 minutes I was sure this was the right thing. The second half hour I talked myself through and received my husbands assurances. The last 45 minutes I needed his arms to hold me tight to ensure I didn't go in there and cave.

Night 2 = 1hr 30 minutes of crying.
I listened to music and blogged and tried to ignore it.

Night 3 = 1hr 15 minutes of crying.
Daddy put him down later than usual and he slept through the night. Mommy left the house for the evening. He slept through the night till 6am!

Night 4 = 1hr 15 minutes of crying.
It's a blur. We cleaned and prepped for the next day and ran the dishwasher to drown out the noise ... of the crying and of my heart breaking.

Night 5 = 25 minutes of crying... and it was decidedly less anxious, less angry crying.
We're making progress!!!!
Oooor maybe not. He woke up 45 minutes later and proceeded to cry for another hour and a half! Then slept till morning.

Night 6 = 25 minutes of crying, woke up 45 minutes later and cried for another 25 minutes. Then slept till morning.

Night 7 = 20 minutes of crying and I feel a little better about this choice. I know he'll wake up in a short while but I also believe he'll put himself back to sleep in less than an hour.
Wish us all strength and hope we're through the worst of it.

Well knock  me down with a feather. He didn't wake up till morning on night 7!!

Night 8 = 5 minutes of crying.....aaaand that was it!
The hubby actually went in to check to make sure he was ok. He was ASLEEP!!! He woke at 11, I nursed him to sleep and he slept till morning.

Night 9 = 35 seconds of crying and now all is quet.

I hesitate to say it but this appears to have actually worked!!


  1. I don't envy you, Stacey! But it sounds encouraging, and hopefully tonight will be even better. And that's awesome that he slept for NINE hours! Hang in there...

  2. Wow, what a process, for him and for you. I hope the new pattern sticks and little Sam gets to that place of actually enjoying getting put to bed, simply because he is tired. Does Rachel cry when you put her to bed at night?

  3. Sometimes Rachel cries but usually she grabs her soother out of your hand, puts it in her mouth, strains to get down to the mattress, rolls onto her tummy and closes her eyes. That's it!
    Love that baby girl!!