Friday, August 31, 2012

Preview of Two

This week I think I got a small preview of what having two two-year-olds might be like.
And I cringed!
Cringed and thought, 'huh, maybe going back to work won't be so hard!'
On Wednesday both Sam and Rachel were cranky, emotional time bombs exploding frequently, often without any trigger that I could see.... and often with just the smallest impetus from their beloved twin.
You're holding him and not me. WAH!!
You're holding her and not me. WAH!!
She cried in my face. WAHH!!
He's touching me. WRAAAH!
He looks like he's going to touch what I'm touching. WAHAH
I'm hungry. I'm not hungry. I won't sit in my chair and eat. I'm hungry but I want to do it MYSELF. But you need to stay here and watch. I want to pick it up from your hand not from the tray.WAHaahaaaaWAH!
Hold me. Put me down. How dare you put me down. Hold me. Put me down. WAAAAH!

All day long!

For the first time ever I sent hubby an SOS Please-come-home-early-if-you-can email.

It was so bad I couldn't even get too stressed out over it because it was such a totally lost cause. I could only laugh when it was at it's worst.

I fear what the terrible twos will bring. And I have a sneaking suspicion that what we're going to be facing is a temper (Sam) and a stubborn will (Rachel).

And from that experience I am now reading a great toddler development book because Momma needs more skills. Perhaps the happiest toddlers on the block will be mine....but I'm really just aiming for keeping my sanity.

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  1. Eeek....glad you made it through. Maybe it was because it was a blue moon yesterday. I know it sounds flaky, but I totally buy the power of the full moon. Annie's kindergarten teacher used to brace herself when there was one, as she swore the kids acted much worse on those days.

    Hang in there!