Friday, September 28, 2012

Thump thump thump

Sam loooves full body his hugs and in his play.
We throw the couch cushions on the floor nearly every day and let Sam crawl, roll, thump, wrestle and flounder around on them. He has a blast. Rachel does delicate little face plants and enjoys lying on the pillows and watching Sam. It's a very obvious difference in play.
Today Sam started seriously practising standing. He likes the thrill of momentarily balancing on just his own two feet. But it's clear, the real point of the act is how loud a thump he can make when his bum hits the floor.
Rachel bends her knees and sinks to the floor when she loses her balance.
Sam deliberately falls backwards on straightened legs making the floor reverberate as he does so. Grinning hugely and occasionally adding a cherry on top by continuing his backward momentum to  a create a second thump as his head hits the floor. He often adds the second flourish when he has an attentive audience.
He quickly rolls over and does it again and again and again.
I"m very grateful we have carpet but I keep thinking someday I'll be explaining to a chiropractor, 'lower back problems began around his first birthday."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Toddler behaviours

Samson and Rachel are growing into toddlers every day.
Sam is actually hugging, using his arms to squeeze my neck and head to snuggle into me. It's lovely!
Rachel has new splashing techniques in the tub and is standing up without support more and more. Her first independent stand happened a few weeks ago at the park. Suddenly she just leaned forward and stood up, bunching the blanket with her toes in an effort to stay standing. It seemed to surprise her as much as me. But yesterday she deliberately let go of the push car and surfed. Her little knees bent and she balanced the heck out of 15 seconds of her life. Wooohooo!
Suddenly the 9am nap is not a requirement for Rachel. I haven't figured out her new sleep needs but she can't make it till after least I don't think she can. It's going to be a week of sorting that out.
She's also sitting on her knees to play for minutes at a time.
Sam has figured out the whole concept of putting things into other things. He will put a ball through these plastic tubes over and over and doesn't cease to like seeing it fall out the other end.
Sam falls alseep in his crib within a couple of minutes these days. And at night we no longer feed either of them. We just go in, give a pat on the back, turn on their music and leave. And it works!!! They are back to sleep within about 10 minutes! Such big kids!!
They've both started pointing at things and at us when they want attention or to share and idea. They both shove things into our faces unexpectedly to 'share.'
It's a sweet time and the bigger they get, the more I think it's going to be okay when I go back to work. It's only part time. They'll be fine....right??

Sunday, September 16, 2012

11 Months

I am loving these days. The tenth month was a really busy one! They are gaining a lot of independence and confidence and I no longer have to carry them both around the house very often. They follow and come find me when they need/want me.
We survived our first family flu. Somehow Samson avoided it entirely, thank goodness, which I can only attribute to breastfeeding since he and Rachel swap spit at least 50 times a day.
At 11 months Sam suddenly has 4 teeth coming in. Actually it's the first development that I haven't rejoiced in. It's going to change his smile so much and I want him to stay my least for a while longer.
They bathe together and have a lot of fun. They laugh at each other every day. Sam finds Rachel eating hilarious.
On the 13th I took Rachel and Sam to a Baby time group at the library. It's just a short half hour of songs and rhymes and doing actions with your baby. With two babies I try to take turns but on Thursday they had their own agendas.
Rachel went right into the middle of the group and watched the other babies and Moms and then visited a few on her own. She occasionally looked over to see where I was but for the most part she was completely confident on her own. I had to get her a couple of times just to get a bit of time with her during the activities.
Sam on the other hand wanted nothing to do with anyone else. He wanted to remain in my arms with his head pressed to my chest the entire he did for almost the entire time. He smiled and flirted and was totally happy as long as he was pressed against my body.
I'm so grateful for the huggy baby and the independent baby and I hope there comes a time when they swap needs. I love the snuggling.
Sam and Rachel are both starting to sleep through the night better. Last night Sam slept 11.5 hours straight through! YAAAY!!!
Rachel woke once at 2:30 and didn't get back to sleep until nearly 4. It was brutal but she then ate really well today so I think we're turning a corner there. It's time to play hardball with this sleep business. I think we're done with all nighttime feeds starting now. Gotta love that!
I'll take the teeth if I can get the sleep. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Peekaboo Video

There is nothing glamorous about being the parent of twins. But there is something truly beautiful that is unique to the situation.
Seeing them blossom with each other. Watching them learn to interact with each other, develop their relationship.
Something like this happens almost every day:
And it is so beautiful it nearly makes me cry.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Surfer Girl

Rachel is a surfer girl!
She's only been crawling for 3 weeks but she's always had good balance and is now walking along behind the push/walker car we have. Here's a video to show off her new skills.
So proud!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The small things

Rachel and I went shopping just the two of us last weekend. I had her in a carrier facing me and I realized how infrequently this happens. Having two, I miss out on opportunities to snuggle and focus on one. And in 10 and a half months, I had only gone shopping with one Twice before. I loved walking around the store with her little body cuddled against my chest, her head often resting on me, the perfect distance to kiss her frequently, stroke her hair, tickle her neck.
Rachel is crawling faster and more smoothly this week. She's also following Sam when he goes off exploring the house. He laughs at her coming after him, which makes her smile.
The sweet interaction between the two is a highlight each day.
Sam was standing beside the coffee table this week, just in a diaper before the bedtime bath. Rachel needed some leverage to stand up behind him and grabbed onto his diaper, effectively displaying his little bum to Daddy who sat on the couch nearly crying with laughter. Sam mearly looked bemused, wondering what the joke was.
Rachel stood without support today for the first time. She balanced, digging her little toes into the carpet to keep standing for several seconds before she bent her knees and went down. I was so proud of her.
Sam has learned to turn the sippy cup the right way around this week. Aaah it's the small things that make being the parent such a unique, joyful experience.