Sunday, September 16, 2012

11 Months

I am loving these days. The tenth month was a really busy one! They are gaining a lot of independence and confidence and I no longer have to carry them both around the house very often. They follow and come find me when they need/want me.
We survived our first family flu. Somehow Samson avoided it entirely, thank goodness, which I can only attribute to breastfeeding since he and Rachel swap spit at least 50 times a day.
At 11 months Sam suddenly has 4 teeth coming in. Actually it's the first development that I haven't rejoiced in. It's going to change his smile so much and I want him to stay my least for a while longer.
They bathe together and have a lot of fun. They laugh at each other every day. Sam finds Rachel eating hilarious.
On the 13th I took Rachel and Sam to a Baby time group at the library. It's just a short half hour of songs and rhymes and doing actions with your baby. With two babies I try to take turns but on Thursday they had their own agendas.
Rachel went right into the middle of the group and watched the other babies and Moms and then visited a few on her own. She occasionally looked over to see where I was but for the most part she was completely confident on her own. I had to get her a couple of times just to get a bit of time with her during the activities.
Sam on the other hand wanted nothing to do with anyone else. He wanted to remain in my arms with his head pressed to my chest the entire he did for almost the entire time. He smiled and flirted and was totally happy as long as he was pressed against my body.
I'm so grateful for the huggy baby and the independent baby and I hope there comes a time when they swap needs. I love the snuggling.
Sam and Rachel are both starting to sleep through the night better. Last night Sam slept 11.5 hours straight through! YAAAY!!!
Rachel woke once at 2:30 and didn't get back to sleep until nearly 4. It was brutal but she then ate really well today so I think we're turning a corner there. It's time to play hardball with this sleep business. I think we're done with all nighttime feeds starting now. Gotta love that!
I'll take the teeth if I can get the sleep. :)

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  1. wow - you know what one more month means right?! crazy how time flies.