Saturday, September 1, 2012

The small things

Rachel and I went shopping just the two of us last weekend. I had her in a carrier facing me and I realized how infrequently this happens. Having two, I miss out on opportunities to snuggle and focus on one. And in 10 and a half months, I had only gone shopping with one Twice before. I loved walking around the store with her little body cuddled against my chest, her head often resting on me, the perfect distance to kiss her frequently, stroke her hair, tickle her neck.
Rachel is crawling faster and more smoothly this week. She's also following Sam when he goes off exploring the house. He laughs at her coming after him, which makes her smile.
The sweet interaction between the two is a highlight each day.
Sam was standing beside the coffee table this week, just in a diaper before the bedtime bath. Rachel needed some leverage to stand up behind him and grabbed onto his diaper, effectively displaying his little bum to Daddy who sat on the couch nearly crying with laughter. Sam mearly looked bemused, wondering what the joke was.
Rachel stood without support today for the first time. She balanced, digging her little toes into the carpet to keep standing for several seconds before she bent her knees and went down. I was so proud of her.
Sam has learned to turn the sippy cup the right way around this week. Aaah it's the small things that make being the parent such a unique, joyful experience.

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