Friday, September 28, 2012

Thump thump thump

Sam loooves full body his hugs and in his play.
We throw the couch cushions on the floor nearly every day and let Sam crawl, roll, thump, wrestle and flounder around on them. He has a blast. Rachel does delicate little face plants and enjoys lying on the pillows and watching Sam. It's a very obvious difference in play.
Today Sam started seriously practising standing. He likes the thrill of momentarily balancing on just his own two feet. But it's clear, the real point of the act is how loud a thump he can make when his bum hits the floor.
Rachel bends her knees and sinks to the floor when she loses her balance.
Sam deliberately falls backwards on straightened legs making the floor reverberate as he does so. Grinning hugely and occasionally adding a cherry on top by continuing his backward momentum to  a create a second thump as his head hits the floor. He often adds the second flourish when he has an attentive audience.
He quickly rolls over and does it again and again and again.
I"m very grateful we have carpet but I keep thinking someday I'll be explaining to a chiropractor, 'lower back problems began around his first birthday."

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