Sunday, September 23, 2012

Toddler behaviours

Samson and Rachel are growing into toddlers every day.
Sam is actually hugging, using his arms to squeeze my neck and head to snuggle into me. It's lovely!
Rachel has new splashing techniques in the tub and is standing up without support more and more. Her first independent stand happened a few weeks ago at the park. Suddenly she just leaned forward and stood up, bunching the blanket with her toes in an effort to stay standing. It seemed to surprise her as much as me. But yesterday she deliberately let go of the push car and surfed. Her little knees bent and she balanced the heck out of 15 seconds of her life. Wooohooo!
Suddenly the 9am nap is not a requirement for Rachel. I haven't figured out her new sleep needs but she can't make it till after least I don't think she can. It's going to be a week of sorting that out.
She's also sitting on her knees to play for minutes at a time.
Sam has figured out the whole concept of putting things into other things. He will put a ball through these plastic tubes over and over and doesn't cease to like seeing it fall out the other end.
Sam falls alseep in his crib within a couple of minutes these days. And at night we no longer feed either of them. We just go in, give a pat on the back, turn on their music and leave. And it works!!! They are back to sleep within about 10 minutes! Such big kids!!
They've both started pointing at things and at us when they want attention or to share and idea. They both shove things into our faces unexpectedly to 'share.'
It's a sweet time and the bigger they get, the more I think it's going to be okay when I go back to work. It's only part time. They'll be fine....right??

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  1. They'll be fine. :) They will love both the stimulation of "sharing" with a new being they come to love and trust, and also get to experience that amazing rush of joy when they see Mom and Dad at the end of the day. So glad that night sleep is going makes the world of difference.