Thursday, October 18, 2012

The gifts of Grandma

Dear Sam and Rachel,
Your Grandma loves you. Adores you. Would do anything in her power to help you in this life.
As I type this she is in our kitchen crying over chopping a particularly strong onion because the mini-food processor is too loud and you are both currently asleep.... and we want you to stay that way.
This week she is here for a cooking marathon, which will fill our freezer(s) and keep us in easy meals for months as I start back to work and you both begin daycare three days/week.
You have started slowly integrating into daycare this week which has kept you out from underfoot for a couple of days. When you are here you both want to be in the kitchen where the action is, where the noise is, where the Grandma is.
Rachel, you particularly like to challenge Grandma's fortitude by hopping on your knees, arms raised, asking to be picked up. You want to see what's going on and you don't understand or care for any reasons why you shouldn't be held. Grandma caves pretty quickly.
We are all embarking on a new phase of our lives and I'll write much more about the transition in days to come. Tonight, you are tucked in bed, exhausted, beautifully asleep, while your Grandma works to make our lives easier.
We are so blessed.
Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma D


  1. Yeah for Grandma's! Their love is the extra special kind.

  2. I really like this post Tracey - And I cannot believe you are going back to work - time flies. I cannot wait to hear about the transition and how things are back at CGI. Good luck friend!

    1. OMG - STACEY Sorry - I am totally still waking up - please correct this silly mistake - total slip up - gosh. It goes to show you that I only comment/follow 2 blogs - yours and Tracey's - too funny. Time for more coffee apparently!!!!!

    2. Ha ha ha, no worries Sacha! I grew up good friends with a Tracey so I was totally used to people mixing up our names. I don't take it personally in the least. ;)