Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Transitioning together

I did it!
I went to work like a real grown up professional person. (Made the hubby do the drop offs to ease me into work life.) This first week was super easy, didn't do much but get set up and read through some docs to familiarize myself with the contract. And I only checked in with the daycare once each day.
Sam and Rachel are doing great! They cry at drop off when Andrew leave them but they recover fairly quickly (apparently). They have long naps and are eating pretty much the same as they do at home.
They are happy to see me at the end of the day. They pause, looking at me for a moment to make sure it's me and shy smiles spread across their faces as they start crawling as fast as they can to me. It's lovely .... for 3 minutes and then we have to go and they don't want to be put down or go into the carseats. So the reunion becomes a screaming fight. I hope that will stop soon.
Apparently Rachel gets upset during the day if any grown ups leave the room. She goes after them crying. Sam on the other hand sees Rachel leaving and cries and follows her, crawls on top and pins her down so she can't leave.
Bit of a gong show there but so typical of their relationship. :)
The sitter is enjoying seeing how they interact and I think she's bonding with them and them with her. That's a relief!
I get an written summary of their day and I think they are in great hands and handling the transition well. They both sleep really really well at night so they definitely aren't traumatized by any means.


  1. That's great, Stacey. And good for you for having hubby do the drop-offs. It's a great way to reduce your stress as you transition, both from an emotional and from a time-management point of view. Pretty soon it'll just seem normal, working and being a mother at the same time.