Monday, November 26, 2012

Toddling Twosome

Rachel has caught up to Sam in her walking much sooner than I thought she would. She's not quite as steady as he is but she's happily walking around the house on her own now. This new ability to navigate their world is leading to more confidence in both of them. And although I love seeing this I'm really going to miss the crawling. I loved having crawling babies. These little walkers, they seem so grown up.
The older they get the more people ask about their relationship with each other. Do they get along? Do they entertain each other?
As with most things there isn't a simple answer. When they are happy, yes, they entertain each other. When one is upset or crabby, the other is his/her worse annoyance. Yesterday they had a minor collision while walking and bumped heads when they fell. Sam was in a good mood so it wasn't an issue for him but Rachel was rather cranky. So instead of just trying to get up she tried to head butt Sam repeatedly in retaliation. It was totally ineffective and, therefore, quite funny but I did step in and say no and then comfort her.
They tend to follow each other around the house. If one leaves the room, the other will follow shortly. I usually find them in the same room and often side by side or back to back playing.
They don't seem to have any words yet, nothing that seems deliberate. However, they will play off each other, call to each other and respond. Yesterday I was getting Rachel into her diaper after her bath while Sam was in the tub. Suddenly she let out this shriek and paused to listen and Sam responded from the bathroom with a shriek and then went on playing. And that was it... it was like a wilderness episode.... the little hyenas call out to each other to verify their location and then continue with their activities.
It's clear they do understand a lot of what we say and respond accordingly. The other day Sam was about to pull all of his clothes out of his shelf in the closet and from behind him I firmly but kindly said, "no Sam." He dropped his hand and started crying, not turning around, just broken hearted at the 'no.' It broke my heart a little that he was so upset but still willing to 'obey.' Comforting ensued.
I enjoy comforting them, making their little upsets better just by being there in a physical way. I will miss it when they don't come to me with bumps and bruises or when their problems need much more than a hug, a nap or some food to fix.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

13 months!

It's impossible to keep up...well, it wouldn't be if I blogged daily but I don't and each day brings something new that replaces yesterday's new. So yesterday's news is lost to the vague memories of ...our yesterdays, I guess.
I'd be sad if I weren't so excited about all that is to come. Here's a little summary of Sam and Rachel at 13 months:

Sam has a new best friend, he's about 6ft 7inches. He's my daycare provider's 20-something son and Sam is totally enthralled with him. He was holding Sam when I got there for pick-up yesterday and for the first time EVER Sam didn't cry or even seem that interested when he saw me! He kind of looked at me and was like, 'well hold on, I'm hangin with my friend Mummy, you just have to wait.' I think I'd be jealous if it was a woman he'd bonded with but because it's a guy, I'm okay with it. :)

Sam is officially walking. He's usually looks like a little drunkin sailor but he can walk more than 12 steps at time and turn corners and circles so I'm calling him a walker. And he walks almost everywhere he wants to go. No more crawling, walking is way more fun.

We took the kids to the pool earlier this week and they both loved it. Sam was a completely different kid from our previous visits. He was so .... confident! He wasn't just splashing, he was kicking his legs like crazy and moving his arms like he was truely trying to swim. I had to hand him off to Daddy because he was wearing me out with his non-stop movement. In the kiddy pool I put him up on the edge while sitting in front of him and he kicked at the water and pushed my hands away so he could sit by himself. And then he shocked me by reaching out to me and basically jumping into my arms from the edge. We practised this many many times and he loved it, especially the splashes he made. The funny thing was that I had expected them to both like walking in the water but Sam was just too excited and wouldn't stop jumping if his feet were touching the ground.
Sam is showing his ability to follow basic instructions these days. I told him to wave goodbye yesterday and he did it immediately! He also understands things like 'put it in,' 'give to Mummy,' 'get the ball,' and 'ta ta don't touch.'

Rachel is sooo mature she doesn't need her soother for naps anymore. She'd still prefer it but it isn't necessary. However, when she wakes up from sleeping she'll often gather up her belongings quickly to take with her before you pick her up.... in the mornings that can mean a soother in each hand, one in her mouth and her pink bunny blanket clutched to her neck.
She's turning into a real cuddle monster and LOVES hugging the stuffed animals and talking to them. She's also got some solid moves when she's dancing - wide stance and wobbly deep knee bends make her look like a tiny Elvis. She's got her eye on Sam's music frog and will push it's tiny buttons to change the music over and over and over again.
And the girl can really scoot along walking on her knees. She's very stable when standing but just takes a few tiny little steps on her own before going down onto her knees or crawling.
Rachel continues to be a little singer, she talks and talks and sings herself to sleep. Sometimes when she's crabby we'll put her in her crib to see if she's tired and she'll happily talk to herself for a half hour or hour before she cries for someone to come get her. She needs her personal space sometimes, some alone time. :) A child after my own heart!
Rachel can hold her own with Sam and we're starting to see signs of loyalty from Rachel. At daycare, when Sam goes down for a nap Rachel will watch the hallway and will be upset until she's put to sleep as well....even if she just got up. She doesn't want to be there without Sam. This really warms my heart.

Both the kids have a new trick at meal times. When they're done, or when they're in a particular mood, they'll take a big mouth full and then squish it back out all down their chins. This drives me nuts and I'm trying to discourage it but they seem to think it's quite fun or funny, not sure which. Sometimes they'll also reach over to put their fingers in each other's mouths when eating. Again, this is going to lead to bitten fingers someday and I'm trying to discourage it but it seems to amuse both of them.
One year olds are great fun!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Teeny Meanie Halloweenie

My teeny meanies liked getting dressed up on the big day. We went out to our neighbours just to show them off.

 Meanies in the pumpkin patch:

I think parents mostly dress their kids up so they can hear other people exclaim how adorable they are. We got a lot of smiles and a lot of comments.
But really it's the photo opportunity that is the reason for the effort. Years from now I'll look back on this halloween and remember how sweet they were... before they knew what candy was.
The farm was fun and an easy outing and the weather cooperated. Sam and Rachel didn't seem too interested in the animals and definitely didn't understand the dress up business. But they liked the pile of pumpkins, were completely entertained by the live music and seemed interested in seeing each other in costume, Sam enjoyed licking his for some reason.
Rachel surprised and impressed us by taking her first steps on Halloween too....well, Andrew says she did it the day before for him. But I didn't see it so it couldn't count, right?
Actually it seems fitting. Sam took his first stumbling steps towards me when Andrew was at work a couple of weeks ago. So it's only fair that Rachel took hers her Daddy in private.
We're probably just a couple of weeks away from having two walkers! Crazy! Ooooh how our lives are going to change.
This Christmas is going to be the best yet.