Thursday, December 20, 2012

Feelin' the Love

Oh it happened, it happened, it finally happened! Something I didn't even know I was waiting for....and when I saw it I realized again how much I care about their relationship with each other.

It goes without saying that my relationship with Sam and my relationship with Rachel are different and yet equally precious to me. But since there seem to be so many drawbacks to being twins and having twins, I also really really care about their relationship with each other.

I want them to have a relationship that fills any holes that might exist because I/we can't be there for them the way I/we could be for a singleton. This leads me to carefully watch their interactions and rejoice in any signs that point to a strong bond.

So yesterday, at the end of a long day, when Rachel cried at being put down and Sam who was standing next to her took one look and wrapped his little arms around her shoulders in a hug and put his head against hers, my heart positively melted and I nearly cried myself.

It was a split second of time... Rachel was in no mood to accept comfort from her brother and Sam was a little distressed that his hug didn't seem to solve the problem. So I ended up scooping them both up into my arms, trying to praise my sweet, tender-hearted boy and comfort my hurt little girl at the same time.

The moment was just that, a brief moment in time, but it meant the world to me. It was like a Christmas present that opened itself in front of me.

We're feelin' the love this Christmas.


  1. CUTE! If they're anything like ours, there will definitely be a hugger and a pusher away ;) Nolan hugs Asher or holds his hand any chance he gets and Asher really wants nothing to do with it. They have been like that since they were babies - Nolan would always snuggle up to Asher in the crib, no matter how far apart they started. Love it.

    Merry Christmas!! Another coffee date in the new year?!

  2. Thanks Tracey! Yes, let's definitely do another coffee or playdate! We're pretty much down to one nap now.