Friday, December 14, 2012

We Got Rhythm

We set up our Christmas tree a couple Sundays ago. We had Christmas music playing and boxes of decorations out,the grandparents helping ensure Sam and Rachel didn't eat the glitter and garland and what-not. Luckily the kids were thrilled with the boxes and stuff but once it was on the tree they lost interest.
As we were finishing up and there was more space Sam was walking through the living room stomping one foot with every step. I think it was his first dance move. Prior to this he's only ever shaken his head to music, like our very own Ray Charles. But he couldn't walk/stomp and shake his head at the same time so he kind of took turns. It was adorable and so funny to watch.
Rachel on the other hand has had some dance moves for a while now and they're getting more pronounced. Our little girl shakes her booty. Mostly up and down rather than side to side so I'm not sure if she's a little more Elvis or a little more Beyonce.
No matter how they move, I love my little dancers.

Rachel has been in a huggy mood for quite a few weeks now, giving lots of hugs whenever requested and enjoying sitting on our laps. Sam's been more independent lately. But I've noticed both are gaining confidence in new places.
We were at a friend's place last weekend and there were lots of older kids (3 and 4) there. Rachel wanted to be with the big kids, either watching what they were doing or just being independent around them. One little boy seemed to take exception to her attention but luckily she didn't understand what he said. Her mother did though and it broke my heart to hear him say, 'Don't let the babies in.' Oh it's going to be horrible someday when they do understand.
This was the kind of environment that would have had Sam clinging to me in the past but he was completely content sitting on his Daddy's lap chattering away for an hour or so and then got confident enough to play with toys and wander a bit. When the big kids were having loads of fun in the bedroom shrieking and turning the light on and off he even slowly toddled over, peering in trying to see what the fuss was about. However, when he followed Rachel into the room and lights got turned off and the door closed, he only lasted a second before panicking. The door was opened immediately and Sam came staggering to me as fast as he could, very upset, followed by Rachel who looked a little overwhelmed herself. The panic passed quickly and they were happily playing in a few minutes.  I love my little ones and am so excited about this Christmas.

I've been struggling a bit lately. Ended up with strep throat a couple weeks ago, followed by some kind of back injury....the Dr said it was muscular but part of me (the anxious, hypochondriac part) still believes something integral has ruptured inside me and as soon as I'm done the strep antibiotics I'm going to perish from some kind of septicemia..... too much Grey's Anatomy for me! :)

Hopefully all will be well soon. My back is feeling better today and we've got a great weekend ahead... fingers crossed!

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  1. Hey Stacey! Just catching up...nice to hear about your holidays and the family fun. I hope YOU though, are feeling better soon. Your health is number one - always remember that. Merry Christmas friend!