Monday, January 28, 2013

First word!!...?

Today I was giving the twins a snack and as I asked Rachel if she wanted another cracker Sam piped up clear as a bell "crackehr."
I was thrilled and shocked. I gushed over him and he repeated it once and that was it.
They still don't say Mama or Dada deliberately but Sam can repeat a word like cracker?
I know they understand pretty much everything we say. I truly am not worried about them being a little delayed. So why am I now focusing so much on this milestone? I mean, I still love their babbling, love the wacky sounds they figure out how to make, love repeating their non-sense.
But over the past month I've really started yearning for words and I think the reason is twofold:
First, they do a lot of whining for things. Life will be so much more civilized when they have some basic words that let me know what they want.
Second, I have waited a long long long time to be a Mom. I want to hear that name directed at me by my children.
....maybe if I ignore them a little, they'd be forced to say Mama to get my attention..... I just don't think I could survive the whining and screeching they tried first.

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