Friday, January 18, 2013

On my own

Tonight I'm on my own with the twins.
Okay they're already in bed and don't generally wake during the night anymore. So really this is no hardship! But it feels different not having another adult around. I'll sleep in my bed alone tonight while Andrew is upisland visiting a friend.
 If there is a fire, I'll have to get both kids out on my own.
There will be no fire. I know this.....and if there is I can move fast....and I've already ensured there is nothing to trip over on the way out to the garage..... the cat, however, may be left behind. Because there is no way I'm leaving two babies alone outside in the dark to go back into a burning house to save a cat.
Ooookay overthinking this.
Moving on.

In other news, Sam and Rachel are being more and more personable with each other. Although their first instinct is to serve their own self interests, they are increasingly responsive to the other's emotions and wants. Today Sam reached down to get a sippy cup from the floor and Rachel went for the second one. Sam was faster and got them both, was happy to get have them both! But when Rachel wailed he happily handed her one of them. It was so know, eventually.
Yesterday Sam dropped his cracker from his highchair and Rachel gave it back to him. Sam dropped his sippy cup repeatedly into Rachel's chair and time after time after time she fished it out and put it back on his tray or into his hand. She was such a little helper!
We still don't really have words. And the frustration they express when they don't get what they want is getting louder and louder.
Sam's uh-oh is perfect and he'll sometimes clap his hand to his head and say pikab which I think is supposed to be peekaboo. Rachel will repeatedly say upa upa but totally out of context.
They don't seem to understand at all when we try to get them to repeat after us. Maybe we've spent too much time repeating their sounds to them.
Now when we say, 'Up, Rachel wants up? Say Up. Up Rachel. Up." She just gets frustrated that we clearly understand what she wants and yet we're refusing to act on it in a timely fashion. It's mildly funny but I really do want them to find some words before they start wanting more complex things that they need words for. I certainly don't want to refuse to assist them when I know what they want but I do want to encourage them to repeat after us.
Any ideas? I'm totally open to suggestions!
Oh and yes, we have a few signs which they occassionally repeat but rarely without us first asking. "Rachel do you want more?" with the 'more' sign indicated often results in a disgusted look because again, clearly we wouldn't be asking if we didn't already know she wanted more. So get over it already Mom and give me the freaking cheerio I'm whining for.

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