Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Proof of comprehension!

Sam and Rachel are suddenly displaying amazing understanding. I still say they have no words, no words that are consistent in context anyway. But that's not to say they don't have language or know exactly what we're saying.

Last week I was washing my hands after a diaper change and looking in the mirror I saw Sam drop his bottle on the floor and walk away into our bedroom. So I called out, "No Sam, not on the floor. Can you bring your bottle to Mommy?"

I had no expectation of him responding to this. So I was shocked when I saw him go back to the nursery, pick up his bottle, bring it into the bathroom and put it on the counter next to me.
I cheered! I praised! I was sooo proud.

The next day while Daddy was running the bath, I undressed and handed Rachel her clothes and said, "Take these to Daddy." And she did!! Again shock and horrays rang through the house.

But the examples that thrill me happened yesterday and today. After a diaper change Daddy came back to the living room followed shortly by Sam and Rachel. Someone, or perhaps both of them, had brought a clean diaper with them. We asked about this. Who brought the diaper? Rachel raised her hand. We laughed, not believing it meant anything. Of course Sam liked our response so he raised his hand. We laughed harder. Then I say, "Sam can you take the diapers back? Put them back in your room."

You cannot imagine my surprise when he stooped down, picked them up and walked out of the room. I asked Andrew if he was actually going to manage it so Andrew followed him. Sure enough he walked all the way to the nursery and put the diaper back on the shelf. It fell off so he picked it back up and pushed it further onto the shelf and then walked back to the living room.
We cheered! We clapped! We praised! It was awesome.

This morning it got better. I was by the back door with the twins and their shoes and coats were at the front door. I said to Rachel, "Can you bring me the shoes?" And she did!! She walked to the front door, got all the shoes and brought them back to me.

I'm so excited. I've got helpers!! I've got tiny little hands that can help accomplish things all day long.... Okay, maybe only sporadically throughout the day when they are engaged and in the perfect mood to oblige. But who cares! I have helpers!

Let the manipulation .....erm, I mean... positive reinforcement begin!

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  1. wow - I have never really thought about this too much before, well, because I have never been where you are of course - with raising babes to kidlets. Such a neat concept. And love your last line of this blog post - awesome! Glad to hear all is well Stacey.