Monday, February 25, 2013

16 months day in the life...

We've been lucky so far to have two ground dwellers but that is all changing as of yesterday. Sam figured out that he can pull himself up onto things. Dining rooms chairs and stacked diaper boxes are the items of choice right now. He's up on the chair whacking at the laptop the minute I turn my back. And in no time he's going to discover that tables are a very short step up from the chairs and that couches and coffee tables make good launching pads for his pratfalls. He's already figured out that 'falling' from the chair onto his hands and knees makes a loud noise. He loves loud long as he's making them.
And whatever physical skill Sam figures out, Rachel is not too far behind. She's now copying his pratfalls, although hers are a delicate, lady version with all the drama and none of the thump. She throws her hands in the air, spends a long time pretending she's losing her balance and then relatively slowly falls to her knees and sometimes her hands with a big grin.
She's already seemed jealous of Sam's ability to gain altitude so it's just a matter of time till she's climbing too.
I'm scared!
Mealtime are also going to get out of hand very soon. During lunch today for the first time Rachel managed to put spoon into bowl, scoop up some food and then transfer it to her mouth. I was very impressed and praised her highly. However, in the course of the meal she also put the bowl on her head, got food on her spoon and flicked it across to Sam and started dueling spoons with Sam. Sam doesn't have the same control or interest over where his spoon goes. As long as he has some food on it and can  make impressive messes on his tray and wipe it on his head, he's happy. Things are very messy these days at meal time.
Today I saw a rare example of Rachel being in an exceedingly good mood while wrestling with Sam. They were both trying to sit or stand on top of a package of diapers on the floor and Sam was pushing Rachel off but instead of bursting into tears and whining about it she found it hilarious. They wrestled and Sam stood on the package, then Rachel got to sit but got bowled off again when Sam tackled her, and all the while she was giggling up a storm. I actually don't know if Sam was being very good natured about it; he was not laughing. He wanted to be king of the diapers.... and he wasn't backing down. He was willing to take turns, however, while Rachel seemed like she wanted to sit on them and not leave until someone made her. Regardless, the whole thing was very entertaining to watch.

On the language front...
We still have no words from Rachel but her babbling is becoming clearer with more distinct syllables and consonants.
Sam has a few words but his babbling could be a language of it's own, each string of sounds could be words and sentences it's so complex and clear.

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