Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chairs for Two

For almost 6 months now I've been agonizing over buying the kids some little chairs. A friend of mine has one, a mini rocking recliner, that her boys absolutely love. The 3 year old loves it, her 15-month-old loves it.... it cost $60.
When I saw how much they enjoyed it and how fascinated Sam and Rachel (then 11 months) enjoyed it, I was interested in buying one. Okay make that two.
However, when I went to look at them the only style they had was a new version, which came with a little footstool and, of course, cost more.
I really rolled my eyes at the idea of spending $99 on a child's chair. But I nearly gagged at the idea of buying two for $200.
This is the kind of totally unnecessary expenditure that I NEVER make. Ever.
But the idea had taken hold and it wouldn't leave my mind.
Oh, how cute they'd be! Oh, how they would stop jumping on the big furniture that they can fall off of. They'd use them for years! They'd sit in their little chairs and watch TV and morning cartoons someday! If I only bought one, they'd fight over it constantly! The longer I wait, the less use we'd get out of them.
So I did it.
Ignore my scary smile and just look at the joy on those faces.

I spent a stupid amount of money on two adorable chairs and footstools and this is the result. They LOOOVE them.
Here is the live action of them seeing the chairs for the first time. A friend of ours is the one talking in the background, Daddy was manning the camera.

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