Saturday, February 16, 2013

Live Action

I finally spent some time getting videos on youtube and I figure I should link to them here for posterity if nothing else.

Sam and Rachel often get a little crazy, whiny, obnoxious before bed. When we were looking to kill a few minutes before bathtime, Andrew came up with a little idea and it's now a favourite. They're quiet, they're happy, they aren't attacking each other... of course the carpet takes a beating but what else is new.

I'm sure every mother loves kissing their children.... but I loooove kissing Sam. His laugh just squeezes my heart.

Almost every day there is a period of time when the kids are interacting in a positive way. Sometimes it seems like this only lasts a minute and the rest of the day they are ignoring each other, competeing with each other, or trying to kill each other. I want to remember the good times like these. Rachel was rolling around in Andrew's sweater and Sam was up for some fun.

How they make me smile.

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