Friday, April 19, 2013


Oy where does the time go?

I've had this post half written for a week but this week has been pretty miserable as we all attempt to recover from yet another nasty cold.

Andrew and I did end up having a fabulous getaway for our anniversary. It was two glorious rainy days tucked into a little condo with its own hot tub, ocean view, king size bed and kitchen. We did very little and it was perfect. I received a lovely pendant of mother and twins, it is small and simple and I love it.

Even better, the kids were perfect for their grandma and grandpa and it gave me the confidence to plan some more outings. Right now however, recovering our health and proper sleep habits are top priority. This better be the last illness of the season, I just can't take another one. The kids aren't too bad now but I still feel rotten.  I lay low all weekend and hoped the week would be a good one ... Monday was shaping up okay until about 10:30am when I decided to cut the kids finger nails.  The first 19 went well but the last one ruined us. It's always the same thumb and its always Rachel's. :( I didn't even know I'd cut her till she suddenly cried and then the blood came.

Omg it was a lot and it didn't stop when I ran it under water, didn't stop when I applied pressure with a clean washcloth, didn't stop as I fumbled with a band aid and Rachel shrieked and waved her hand around throwing droplets of blood all over the place. It didn't stop until I had a band aid firmly in place. Which pretty much means it wasn't too bad but there was no convincing Rachel of that.

She was utterly distraught. I finally got her calmed down after a dose of Tylenol and a back rub. It was nap time so she ended up falling asleep for about an hour but woke up just as upset as before.
She really doesn't like things touching her hands or fingers so I think the band aid really freaked her out and I wasn't willing to take it off for fear of what was underneath. I'm terribly squeamish.

She calmed down when I distracted her but whenever her attention was drawn back to her thumb, she'd start crying again..... this went on for hours. And Sam did not help the situation. He'd raise his hand, wave his thumb around like he was asking if she was okay and Rachel would burst into tears again. It was quite the harrowing start to a rough week!

And we survived! The kids are 18 months old, 23.7 and 21lbs respectively and generally in good health. Although Rachel will need a bit of follow up regarding her language as she still isn't speaking. We get Dada and Mama but nothing else with any clarity, just babbling and even that is limited. It's possible she lets Sam do the talking for both of them because that little guy is never quiet!

Sam is enjoying learning to jump with two feet off the ground - likes to use his crib mattress as a trampoline. He is randomly repeating words and we're pretty sure he calls Rachel by name although it sounds like Wrackshael - those centre letters are very garbled in the back of his throat - very German sounding. :)

Rachel is getting good at feeding herself with a spoon and she's gaining balance and confidence surfing furniture and learning to climb and get back down from her escapades. She is now regularly sporting hair-dos as well! It's usually little ponytails. This came about at daycare - I think the peer pressure of seeing the older girls with their hair done made her willing to accept having her own done as she was coming home every single day with a new hairdo. So I finally felt guilted into doing her hair at home.

Good grief! Isn't it enough to get two toddlers out the door in the morning - fed, clean, clothed appropriately, food, milk, backups in place? Now I have to do a hairdo as well? I'm a little miffed at this new development but I also have to admit her hair is getting way too long to leave it wild as it ends up hanging in her face.

Okay this is getting long so I'll leave it at that. More soon....

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