Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Growing Up Before Our Eyes

I'm back from a fantastic visit with friends and family. Rachel was a perfect dream of a toddler for the whole trip. She slept like a pro and ate like a 15 year old boy...... crazy appetite these days!

Her language has taken another jump this past week too and I like to think the new experience of travelling and new people and evironment, as well as all the attention she got helped her want to vocalize. She's repeating sounds more and more and now definitely has about 10 words.... not very clear words but given a specific context you can generally figure out what she's trying to convey. Moh = more. Kahka = cracker or cookie.

I missed my sweet boy while I was gone but boy was it ever a treat to only have one toddler to tend to. It really felt like a vacation.

Sam's language is continuing to blossom as well and we're starting to hear two word combos. This week he has said 'dis wayshaow' = this Rachel, and 'wa moah' = want more. But the very best word development of all: Mahmee. Wooohooo!

Also new these past week or so: Kisses!! We have two kissing toddlers! Sam even puts in the noise!

And here is a quick anecdote because I want to remember this always:
Yesterday when I picked them up from daycare, Sam said Mahmah and then called for Rachel to come from the other room. Rachel came running but from the sound of it she tripped and fell into a wall. The care provider went to get her and carried her over to me, comforting her as I picked up Sam who had come running to me too. She gave Rachel to me so I had one babe on each hip. I kissed Rachel's head and cooed over her for a minute asking if she was okay. Sam meanwhile was babbling away at Rachel and he reached out to gently touch the single tear that was on her cheek. When it didn't completely wipe away, he reached out to touch it again and then the best thing ever happened. He leaned over with his little lips puckered and he kissed her cheek... and she let him!!!

Heart = melted, overflowing, shattered and mended all at once. Twins rock! :)

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