Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rachel's Ray

Rachel has been an absolute ray of sunshine this past few weeks, living up to her nickname in all ways. Her little smile is beaming most of the time and her personality is positively glowing.
Perhaps it's the good weather, maybe it's just being healthy or figuring out language just a bit more....perhaps it's so noticeable because poor Sam is miserable with pneumonia but Rachel is holding us all up with her good humour these days, whatever the reason.

Some highlights:
Rachel often isn't too impressed with toothbrushing but lately I've been doing the brushing and I make sure to start singing just before we start. Every time her eyes light up just a bit and then she starts dancing to the toothbrush song as I brush her teeth. Her little torso bobbing up and down to 'I wake up in the morning at a quarter to one...." She actually complains just a bit when it's over, opening her mouth wide for just a little more brushing.

She is a hugging queen right now and seems to have turned a corner with her language. It's not a big change but this past week or so she has been less whiney and more babbly and seems to be trying to use sounds to mimic words. She has acquired the following: a very soft slow 'aiiii' for hi, 'pebabah' for peekaboo, 'kuh' for car, 'oooo ooooh' for uh oh, which is suddenly very consistent.

Along with the language is an increased gregariousness, which has totally charmed us. The other evening after dinner we were hanging out in the play area, all of us on the floor, which is still our family norm. Andrew was laying on his side and Rachel was sitting/leaning against his chest and pretending to bounce on top of him. She would shriek, bounce and laugh and make a super funny face, breathing fast through a scrunched up nose. We of course would laugh and look at her questioningly, ask her what was so funny. Her face would go perfectly straight, breathing normal (or perhaps held) she'd stare straight at me and the seconds would tick by until suddenly she'd widen her eyes and shriek and bounce and it would start all over. This sequence must have happened at least 15 times. It got funnier every time.

I realize she's rather behind in her language and we have assessments coming up for her hearing and speach. The hearing test is just a formality and I'd be shocked if anything was amiss. This is a baby who you could entertain with a simple beat when she was only 3 months old. She was the first to notice that some toys make noises. She has sung to herself when she's alone in her crib since she was just a few months old. If anything is wrong at all, I'd guess it's with the dexterity of her tongue.

Regardless, she's a happy healthy little girl who seems to have a much stronger immune system than her brother.... perhaps that's a story for another post though. 

I'm loving my little Rae.

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  1. What a gorgeous post! So glad you are having such fun. And hope that sweet Sam gets better soon.